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The Concert Review Thread

ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
edited May 2012 in Reviews
figured we could use a thread like this, condense our reviews into one place for easy viewing and not having to search for certain shows after they sink. i hope a mod will sticky this

easy format just post info like it did the with date, venue ect. use a 1-10 scale to rate each band you saw to keep it simple. no OMFG 11/10!!!11one's either

date - city/state - venue - headliner
2-27-10, Raleigh NC, Volume 11 - Epica

first thing ill say is i didn't realize how popular Epica is. haven't seen that many people for a show since amon amath played at Volume 11.

Blackguard- my second time seeing them and they were even better this time, One of the most energetic bands i've seen. they had great stage presence and some good pits. best band of the night 9.5/10

Threat Signal - second time seeing them as well but i liked them better when i saw them headline. good energy on stage, they had the best pits of the night 8.75/10

Epica - i never really got into them and i remember why now, they're just like Nightwish but worse. i could not get into them at all and left shortly after their set started 2/10

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  • Ace_Deputy_CheezeAce_Deputy_Cheeze Posts: 14,524 jayfacer
    I loved that show.
    waz 11/10 fo me <_>
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  • JLRedWing13JLRedWing13 Posts: 48,553 mod
    You like Epica Cheeze? <_>
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  • Ace_Deputy_CheezeAce_Deputy_Cheeze Posts: 14,524 jayfacer
    why elze wud i go to the concert
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  • ComptonAssBertoComptonAssBerto Posts: 3,899 just the tip
    edited February 2010
    Feb 27, 2010; Orlando, FL; The Social; The Black Dahlia Murder

    Sold Out, my three friends got the last tickets. They got so damn lucky that we (me and three other friends) let them do backsies.

    Hatesphere: I was a bit back for them. They were an Ultra-meh band for me. The sound was okay, but I did not like the music.

    Augury: Still pretty far back, I watched Augury. I've been wanting to see this guys live since I heard them. Their sound was alright, and their music was spot on, but they were a bit boring live, they were just standing there playing. Nothing too special.

    Obscura: These guys were the band I wanted to see the most by far, and they destroyed it live. They played a good mix of songs from Retribution and Cosmogenesis. All of them were shredding on their instruments like they've done it their entire lives, and made it look easy. This was especially demonstrated by Hannes when he played his drum solo and Jeroen's technicality on his fret-less 6-String bass. The pits for these guys were crazy for the size of the venue (the pit was maybe half the size of the average high school classroom), and they never stopped. Crowd surfers galore, too. I liked them the most out of all bands that night. Here's some songs that I remember: Anticosmic Overload, Universe Momentum, Cosmogenesis, Centric Flow, Desolate Spheres, and Hymn to a Nocturnal Visitor.

    TBDM: What can I say? A headliner is a headliner, and they deserve to be where they were at. I liked what I heard, but I'm not familiar with most of their material, so I can't help with a setlist, other than WAHNTHAC, Statutory Ape, Christ Deformed, and Everything Went Black. They were as good as the two times I had seen them before (Mayhem and w/ Children of Bodom). I will say that they do a lot better in this venue than they did at Mayhem Fest and with Children of Bodom.

    Merch: I didn't look much at Augury or Hatesphere merch, sooo.

    Obscura: Basicallly, they had what was on their merch site, other than the tablature book. They also had both of their cd's on sale. No tour shirts from what I saw.
    Had a quick chat with Christian and Steffan, but I couldn't talk with them long.

    - Tour Shirt, cities only.
    - A shirt with demon looking fishies.
    - A Star Wars style shirt, from what my friends told me, I didn't look for it, however.
    - An assortment of other shirts. (lol)
    - The 24" BDM sticker. ($5)
    - I also saw someone walk around with a vinyl record, I do not know if he brought it himself to get it signed or they were selling it, so be aware.

    Obscura shirts were $15 dollars. Obscura CD's were, I think, $10. They didn't have the prices listed.

    TBDM shirts might have been the same or a bit more as Obscura.

    Obscura Shirt Front

    Obscura Shirt Back
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  • sbs_willsbs_will Posts: 18,648 salt miner
    oh damn, wish I woulda seen this thread before I posted my review.
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    copy and paste lol
  • balanced_void91balanced_void91 Posts: 2,782 balls deep
    I'm probably going to get that same Obscura shirt
  • GazorpazorpfieldGazorpazorpfield Posts: 22,293 master of ceremonies
    Cant wait for my show. Glad they're playing Christ Deformed. Do you know if they played Denounced, Disgraced of the new album also?
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  • ComptonAssBertoComptonAssBerto Posts: 3,899 just the tip
    I believe they did. I also think they did Necropolis and I Will Return from the new album. page for the Culture Room show in Ft. Lauderdale says the same.
  • GazorpazorpfieldGazorpazorpfield Posts: 22,293 master of ceremonies
    sweet. I guess I could have just checked that lol
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  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I just got back from that show...
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  • JLRedWing13JLRedWing13 Posts: 48,553 mod
    I suppose the Kreator review will go here on Thursday....
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  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    edited March 2010
    3/7/10-Raleigh, NC-Volume 11 Tavern-Kittie

    got there about an hour after doors opened not too many people here for this show which i like

    Periphery- after a shittastic local band they came on stage with 3 guitarist (why?) and imo were very mediocre. nothing about them really stood out 3.5/10

    God Forbid - the band i went to see. my 3rd time seeing them but the first time in a small club. great energy and sounds was spot on, they really got the crowd fired up and should have been headlining this show. they were the only band of the night that had any pits and i got to see this chick do an EPIC faceplant right into the concrete floor. i caught a drumstick and got a setlist 8.5/10

    kittie - haven't listened to them in years but they put on a decent show. the bassist was pretty hot imo. they had a lot of energy and sounded pretty damn good . i also got a setlist for them too. video included 7/10

  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
  • HeisenbergHeisenberg Posts: 10,361 balls deep
    nice pics man
    Mayhem Denver '08, Albuquereque '09/'10/'11 2012 ????????? peyton manning broncos Pictures, Images and Photos
  • AdamAdam Posts: 11,533 balls deep
    awesome pictures i love godforbid
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    god forbid put on a great show, best band of the night
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    damn no old shit from kittie at all.

    Have the Red Chord and Goatwhore wed. Lets hope Mychildren mybride pulls out of this tour
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