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Halloween 2021

edited September 2021 in Debate & Discourse
I know Halloween will be pretty much non existent this year but fuck it I'm still decorating the house and watching horror movies all month. Started early but this weekend I've already watched:

Paranorman: 10/10 great kids movie. Lots of nods to horror movies and tropes and its funny as hell.

Coraline: 5/10. Oozing with style but the story just dragged on forever. The producer even admitted the original book only had 45 minutes worth of movie in it so they clearly had to add a bunch of bullshit.

Anaconda: 2/10 i tried to like this ironically but i dont know if i can.

Crawl: 7.5/10 one of the better animal horror movies I've seen. Sorta unrealistic but i can suspend my disbelief a little because the story was pretty good
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