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Mental Health 2022

Jobe_Wan_KenobiJobe_Wan_Kenobi Posts: 18,648 moneytalker
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How the fuck you doing?
Pass the god damn butter.
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  • Jobe_Wan_KenobiJobe_Wan_Kenobi Posts: 18,648 moneytalker
    I’ve reached out to people here, had some people here reach out to me. This year has been a bitch for a lot of people. Let’s talk about it. 
    Pass the god damn butter.
  • Jobe_Wan_KenobiJobe_Wan_Kenobi Posts: 18,648 moneytalker
    l’ve been working non stop for what seems like forever now. It’s monotonous af.  I haven’t been to a show all year and I need a vacation, but there is nowhere to go. Had Disney booked and paid for but that’s dead now too. Been putting my extra time and money into my side by side, but now it’s due for some maintenance so I can’t ride till I get that done, but I don’t have time to do shit cuz I gotta work. It’s a vicious cycle lol. Things are good though. I have some time off coming up after next week.  The bright side to all the work and nowhere to go is having my finances are getting on point. We bought a new suburban and it’s so nice I felt a little embarrassed to have it and show it off to people (poverty ptsd I think) I bust my ass for every tiny little scrap of success I get, but then feel guilty because the people around me aren’t leveling up the same way. More baggage to sort through I guess. 
    Pass the god damn butter.
  • SATANSATAN Posts: 25,554 spicy boy
    I have a baby due in December. I’ll be 42 when she’s born, so I’ll be 60 when she’s grown. Kinda freaking me out more than I expected
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 66,628 spicy boy
    This year has been hard as fuck on me mentally. My GF works 3rd. I work 1st. We basically never see each other except for when i get home to stay with the kids and she leaves. 

    Iv gained some weight being unhealthy through most of quarantine. Trying to combat that lately with playing more disc golf. 

    Its really the only thing i do other than take care of kids and the house. I drive an hour each way for work currently and its through pretty heavy traffic. By the time i get home i just feel drained. Just really been lacking motivation. 

    Iv been doing okay fighting through it. Tried to learn how to garden this year, and iv been doing different projects around the yard. 

    Idk i just feel bummed out all the time lately. But the idea of starting a new job is kind of lighting a fire under me. Hopefully i hear back soon. 

    My days consist mostly of working, doing chores, and the an hour or two of gaming before ingo to bed. Rinse/repeat. 

    I did find out that the mortgage person i work with can get me a preapproval letter for 250k this week, which is exciting, but instead of being excited, i can only think about the stress that comes with looking. 

    Im not doing bad. Just kind of sick of the current routine. I need a road trip lol. 
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 66,628 spicy boy
    SATAN said:
    I have a baby due in December. I’ll be 42 when she’s born, so I’ll be 60 when she’s grown. Kinda freaking me out more than I expected
    I can imagine thats scary, but also congratulations! Your wife is in her 30’s right? But yeah, i think about if i ever end up having a kid of my own, that i would want to do it in the next few years. By the time im 35/36. 
  • FLATFLAT Posts: 59,595 spicy boy
  • MetalCoresadesMetalCoresades Posts: 55,717 spicy boy
    Overall ok

    Idk if I'll ever get a job I can support myself with though. 26 years old, and I cant afford to move out. But nobody replies when I apply to jobs. And idk where to look most of the time anyways. I love my job but there's no potential of promotion.

    Not to mention, Covid killed the entire music industry  
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  • SATANSATAN Posts: 25,554 spicy boy
    SATAN said:
    I have a baby due in December. I’ll be 42 when she’s born, so I’ll be 60 when she’s grown. Kinda freaking me out more than I expected
    I can imagine thats scary, but also congratulations! Your wife is in her 30’s right? But yeah, i think about if i ever end up having a kid of my own, that i would want to do it in the next few years. By the time im 35/36. 
    Yeah, I’m 10 years older than Amanda. I’m still happy and excited about the baby. I just know this will be difficult. Honestly, having my first at 31 absolutely wore me out. I’m glad I waited for financial reasons, but otherwise wish I’d had kids younger. My son is one of those “force of nature” types that has been a handful to deal with ever since he could crawl. My daughter is a sweet angel thats never given me a day of grief. Hopefully, my new daughter will be like her sister. I don’t know if I could deal with being old af with another little badass to deal with lol
  • FIREJOHNELWAYFIREJOHNELWAY Posts: 34,226 spicy boy
    I've been alright. Work has been laid back so I've basically just been collecting a paycheck for 5 months while doing minimal work. 

    I'm a little disappointed because i was planning on starting 2 projects this year, one of which I've talked about on here which is the record label. I finally set everything up after 4 years and was ready to start up business but then covid hit. The pressing plant which i was going to use in New York shut down for a few months and every other plant is backed up. So everything is kind of on hold for now. 

    I was also planning on starting a horror film festival in my city which is on hold for obvious reasons. I had sponsors lined up and everything. Its hilarious because i am the ultimate procrastinator and am always all talk and no action with ideas and hobbies. But the year i actually take significant action with two projects  they both fall apart =)
  • NecrothulhuNecrothulhu Posts: 33,440 master of ceremonies
    I have no clue how I'm doing. I've described it as I'm going through life limbo right now
  • LiveFreeDieLiveFreeDie Posts: 8,032 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Rough year so far. 

    I’m ready for everything to go back to “normal”. But sadly that doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. Definitely been depressed a lot this year and yup count me in for gaining some weight. Work has been stressful as in crazy busy and we’re short staffed. A lot of bullshit with my fiancé‘s dad screwing over his kids which in turn is putting an unnecessary strain on my fiancé and I’s relationship.

    Just got word on Thursday that 2 people who work in my fiancé’s office have tested positive for Covid. She went and got her test yesterday and currently waiting for the results. If she has it, I have it which freaks me out on the long term effects.
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  • Dime2Dime2 Posts: 1,368 balls deep
    Its been a weird mix of high's and low's. The lowest are extremely low for me mentally and the highs are never high enough to overshadow those but its not all bad. Live music is what I live for so thats obviously been a bummer but its silly to dwell on that considering I'm not alone. I've been writing more though which has been good and am finally knocking out a book I've been saying I've been wanting to write for years now. I'm also with a girl right now he treats me amazingly and a shit ton better than my x did (idk if I mentioned it on here but we broke up back in June). This girl has none of the toxic traits my x had and I'm having a blast with her so far. Financially I've been doing pretty well and I'm hoping to be moved out of my parents by next summer. Can't wait to have my own apartment again. 
  • FLATFLAT Posts: 59,595 spicy boy
    I saw tool and oysterhead so that was awesome. The rest of the year can blow me. 
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 66,628 spicy boy
    Yeah i went to disney and mexico this year, but those trips honestly feel like 5 years ago. 

    This year was shaping up so good. I had three Tool shows booked and i was going to figure out a way to score rage tickets even if it meant paying double. Fuck covid man. 
  • ThatGuyArloThatGuyArlo Posts: 984 balls deep
    I've been doing pretty well through all this, which is honestly just due to luck. Both me and my gf have been working from home since March, and I'm guaranteed to work from home for at least the rest of the year. I've been saving quite a bit of money due to not driving and not going to sporting events and concerts. 

    I do miss hanging out with friends/family a lot though. I miss going out, and I miss being able to travel and go to events I enjoy. Working from home is cool, but it does get a little monotonous. I feel like March was two weeks ago.  

    What's helped is that I've tried to approach this with the mindset that this will not be over soon. Some people keep getting disappointed and angry the longer this goes on, and while I don't like it either, I've tried to do my best from becoming too optimistic. I've just been happy being at home with my gf and my dog. Also picked up bike riding again too, which has helped allow me get out of the house a lot more. It definitely helps. 
  • NOCAPNOCAP Posts: 36,364 mod
    This year has sucked major balls so I did something I always wanted to do. I bought a motorcycle and have been riding that this summer. 

  • SATANSATAN Posts: 25,554 spicy boy
    Anyone else having trouble sleeping? Or at least sleeping “normal” hours?

    Since all my work is just typing court docs from home, I can do it whenever I want. Bedtime went from 11 to 2 to 6 to sometimes later. It’s not uncommon for me to wake up mid afternoon. My kids were kinda on the same schedule til school started this week
  • Jobe_Wan_KenobiJobe_Wan_Kenobi Posts: 18,648 moneytalker
    I don’t get enough sleep. 

    Or perhaps I should say the sleep I do get isn’t quality enough. 
    Pass the god damn butter.
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 66,628 spicy boy
    Yeah 3rd shift and having a family makes that hard im sure. 

    You got blackout curtains in your bedroom? 
  • WakeOfAshesWakeOfAshes Posts: 21,665 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Struggle for me lately...still really miss my ex and would like her back. Feels kinda unfair at times when I remember why she ended us. Just trying to stay busy 
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