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Whats up guys

Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 67,576 spicy boy
I came here to say a few things.

first off that i am sorry to Joe. Sorry  dont mean much. I get that. But from the bottom of my heart i am sorry. The poster I originally posted was legit what i thought he wanted. I obviously was wrong lol, and since have tried to find him the right poster to no avail. 

I was wrong. I fucked up. And I continued to fuck up with miss communication and ghost behavior. That was wrong. I cant make excuses for that, or change it. All i can really do is admit it.  

As far as everything else. My life has had a lot of positive the last year mixed in with some “eh”. but i hope every one here is doing great. I did, and still do consider all of you guys great friends, and i hope great things are happening in your lives.  


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