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Strip Club Stories

DimeDime Posts: 10,239 destroyer of motherfuckers
Per Catz questioning and a slight nudge from Jobe, here is a strip club exploits thread. Stories, experiences, good times bad times and possibly even lucky sucky sucky, let's hear Em'. 


  • Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 34,915 jayfacer
    thanx fer sharin dime u shuddov suicide bombed the place n 73 Virgins


    blue turbins

    From Those Fishes - I Fingered An Old Bitch (i got Aids on my finger)

  • DimeDime Posts: 10,239 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I know you got a good strip club story
  • OPPOPP Posts: 50,132 spicy boy
    seriously. catz is the living carl from aqua teen.
    I love winning with women
  • NOCAPNOCAP Posts: 36,260 mod
    >Get to strip club
    >Get car parked by valet
    >head to the door
    >bouncer checks my id "good"
    >checks my friends gf's id "good"
    >checks my friends id 
    >"Why does your id look like someone chopped it with scissors?"
    >my friend: "Cause the cop did it th last time I got pulled over because i haven't paid my parking tickets"
    >bouncer looks at card and looks at my friend and then gets another guy over to look at the card
    >"Sorry we can't accept that"

    would have been nice to know that my friend's id was chopped up like a five year old was playing with scissors before we left. 

    Went a mile down the road to another club and they let him in doe. Bouncer still looked sketch af at the card

  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,880 moneytalker
    My one and only trip to the strip club

    $20 to enter
    this is dumb
    i like titles though 
    friend pays for lap dance for me because I’m being cheap
    “what did you think?”
    it was awkward 
    get ready to leave 
    hear Rammstein 
    look up
    girl starts doing her thing on stage
    goes to top of pole completely naked does backflip into splits on the floor
    my jaw now on the floor
    jesus I am impressed and it’s not just because of tits 

    that girl was amazing but in a time where Courtney and I were split up and we were having parties at the apartment with better looking girls and seeing naked girls there I just found it dumb to pay for. Still though the altheticism blew me away
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  • FLATFLAT Posts: 59,595 spicy boy
    >walk in 
    >get nude dances
    >that’ll be 180
  • DimeDime Posts: 10,239 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Well, Todd just won the thread 
  • DimeDime Posts: 10,239 destroyer of motherfuckers
    edited August 2018
    >See girl with a fucking banging body 
    >"Damn, want to dance with her 
    >She's far away from my table 
    >Starts coming closer 
    >My body is ready 
    >Gets to our table 
    >Oh dear God 
    >Face looks like if Fiona from Shrek did Meth and got kicked in the face by Donkey 
    >Fuck it, body is amazing 
    >She starts grinding on me 
    >Crotch comes level with my face 
    >Gagged and had to hold some baby vomit in my throat 
    >Her pussy smelled worse than most farms
    >Worst strip club experience I ever had 
    >Never to Pole Katz again 
  • WakeOfAshesWakeOfAshes Posts: 21,665 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Never been to one 
  • MetalCoresadesMetalCoresades Posts: 55,161 spicy boy
    Never been to one 
    Never will  
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  • WakeOfAshesWakeOfAshes Posts: 21,665 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Never been to one 
    Never will  
    I probably won’t either 
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