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Must visit bar in your area

SONSON Posts: 55,629 spicy boy
edited December 2016 in Debate & Discourse
El bait shop for sure. It's had bells two hearted double ipa and I just bought a crowler of mastodon's mother puncher. Almost 200 taps on the wall. 


  • Jobe_Wan_KenobiJobe_Wan_Kenobi Posts: 13,329 master of ceremonies
    Pass the god damn butter.
  • MetalSynthadesMetalSynthades Posts: 47,968 moneytalker
    I honestly dont really frequent bars in Illinois/Chicago except Kumas, but I go for the food more than the drinks. 

    In Nashville though, Two Bits is THE bar to go to. 
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  • SONSON Posts: 55,629 spicy boy
    Jobe said:
    Damnit was hoping to get the edit in first. 
  • SONSON Posts: 55,629 spicy boy
    Up down is the other one here. Best bar arcade of all time. 
  • Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 32,248 jayfacer
    proly McGuffys House Of Draft.... hair metulz bands love the place.... lol

    Gangsta Rap made me do it...Ed iza ghay

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  • VERTIGOVERTIGO Posts: 24,430 spicy boy
    The best bar in Atlanta is a strip club called The Clermont Lounge. It's not a typical strip club where you'd go expecting to be really turned on. People like to joke that it's where strippers go to die. They got old sluts, fat sluts, trannys, you name it. For years, one of the main attractions was a stripper called Blondie that was a black girl in a blonde wig that would smash beer cans between her tits. It's trashy af, but it's always a good time and you're likely to run into celebrities when you're there. Personally, back when I worked at clubs I brought Primus and L7 there and on separate occasions, I've seen Anthony Bourdain and Chris Jericho. Friends of mine have run into Robert Downey Jr, Charles Barkley and Lady Gaga there

  • UPfreebirdUPfreebird Posts: 16,200 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Best bar in town? garage.

    Otherwise a bar called Stropich's,... cuz it's always DEAD in there.  Always.  If I want to play pool or darts with a few friends I can go there and not have to worry about other people wanting next game or to come and talk with me cuz the place is DEAD. 

    A happening spot would be Ernie's Irish Pub.  
    Go there if ya want to meet girls and rich snobs.
    Bravissimo, hip hip hooray
  • DaydrinkerDaydrinker Posts: 17,082 master of ceremonies
    Mew's Tavern in Kingston is dope. @NolaFree810
  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 37,608 moneytalker
    16bit it's a retro arcade bar and they do many themed nights and game competitions 
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