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Stranger Things (Season 1 spoilers)

GazorpazorpfieldGazorpazorpfield Posts: 22,293 master of ceremonies
Is Hop a former Fed?

Do you think Will is going to die?

How do you feel about Barbara's storyline? Do you feel it wasn't covered correctly? 

Is Ell dead? 

Thought on Steve?

Also general discussion. Not that you needed my direction to say whatever the fuck you want. 

I believe Hop has past experience as a fed. I'm pretty sure that plays into the deal he made. Why else would show him just walking in the vehicle? Will fInna die in the near future. 

I loved Barbs story, but from what I've read, a lot of people hate it. They feel like it didn't have any closure and her family should know she is dead. This is where I get shades of Stephen King. Her character and her story only exists to let the viewer know that the demegorgon and the upside down will fucking kill people. It isnt some threatless enemy that really isn't that dangerous. And why would any body possibly think about telling her parents? There is reason to. Only Nancy would possibly think about it and her parents would just think she's bats hit crazy with nobody to support what she is saying anyway. The harsh reality is everyone is better off if the just leave Barbs running away story as it is and forget about it 
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