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Smart freely, Thatcher
Smart performance beyond 5.0 , cushioning make only equaled 3.0 , Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit woman running shoes use a very light texture but the supporting force of Flyknit uppers with the ultimate lightweight and flexible outsole , molded natural and smooth pace experience.
Ultralight Support
One-piece style Flyknit uppers complete with polyester fiber yarn refined to achieve seamless elastic region and structural areas , to create ultra-light support and streamline fit results. Flywire midfoot wrap braided fly line to provide better support force for the key parts .
Extraordinary flexible
Outsole technology using hot knife carving out new hexagonal flex grooves , the perfect shoe side cladding to the site , let feet comfortable and enjoy a full range of facial movement experience. Secondary groove configuration with flex grooves intersect to create more excellent flexibility.
Natural pace
Design the perfect heel heel shape simulation , so feet touch the ground more natural and smooth.
6 mm height
Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit up the difference between the heel and the forefoot of only 6 mm , allowing feet closer to the ground , creating a more agile comfortable wearing experience , taking into account the exceptional cushioning and support performance.
Other details
Nike Flyknit tongue with a concave design , easy to wear off
Insole designed to follow the minimalist style, snug fit over the curve of the foot , enhancing the effect of support and comfort .
Non-stretch woven heel , creating an excellent sense of structure and support effects
Asymmetric laces tied the laces to reduce the pain caused by the foot
Waffle outsole projection lines helps to absorb impact, while increasing sensitivity
Weight: 187.1 g ( female Code 8 )
NIKE FREE origin
After completion of the investigation Stanford athletes barefoot training conducted on the golf course , three creative and innovative staff Nike started developing a feeling of nature , the ease of shoes, be sure to create feelings are like barefoot . In 2002, a mixed group of men and women received a research survey , respondents will be tied to the foot insole pressure measurement ,Cheap jordans, high-speed cameras catch them they rapidly moving images of each foot .
Team took eight years to study the biomechanical principles of barefoot running , the findings so that their feet natural landing angle , pressure and toe position with understanding ,Cheap Nike Hoodies Sweatshirt, Nike designers and therefore create a totally unconventional , highly flexible running shoes . Since the launch of the Nike Free running shoes , millions of runners caught choose running shoes to participate in this training , which includes some of the world -class Kenyan runners .
FLYKNIT technology originated
Nike Flyknit technology inspired by runners , as they had hoped to have a pair of socks , comfortable and fit like a foot shoes , which is often overlooked. To this end ,jordan 12 taxi, Nike work together programmers, engineers, designers, form a powerful team and launched a four -year research and development, the development of cutting-edge technologies designed to create a durable, woven uppers with static properties. Simple one layer of material alone , it gives precise upper support force , flexibility and breathability. Creating surplus lightweight, seamless fit foot one- uppers.Cheap jordans for sale

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