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Will you be checking out the new Metallica album?

DimeDime Posts: 8,788 destroyer of motherfuckers
edited October 2014 in Debate & Discourse
So Metallica has stated that they are 90% done with their new album and it will come out in the first quarter of next year. Was wondering if anyone on this forum is going to be checking it out although I think I know the answer from most of you. Poll options are based on the general vibe I have caught from when someone mentions Metallica.

Will you be checking out the new Metallica album? 23 votes

Yes-Death Magnetic was interesting enough for me to look into a new album and well shit its Metallica.
UPfreebirdHOODSmrAPEcheech9_4offDaydrinkerGnomezBlindGuardian93Dime 8 votes
No-Greedy sell outs who definitely won't take anymore of my time
The_Synthabaga 1 vote
Lol Metallica
BLACKPANTHERGazorpazorpfieldStoned_CatzVERTIGONOT_A_CROOK 5 votes
FUCK YEAH! Gonna be an 11/10 just like Death Magnetic
MarcTheFallenJLRedWing13WakeOfAshesMe_ 4 votes
If I hear it somewhere whatever, but I'm not going to try to listen to it.
OPPNolaFree810Necrothulhu...Tyrant 5 votes


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