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Who do you hate more? 1.White ppl who talk like they're black OR 2.Liberal Hipster type ppl

Well this is a fuckin tough one - i mean obviously posthardcore scenefags are the wosr but this battle fof who is worst is a fuckin tough one. First, we got the white wigger type, NOT the stuupid ass wigger fake gangsta type, but the type who listens to shitty modern rappers like kendrick lamar, drake, tyler the creator, etc. etc. and talks in 3rd person nd all badass thinkin theyre fuckin the rock or some shit liek that and write RETARDED online using words like "gwaf", trendy memes, obsessed with gay ass 4chan, write txt abbreviations in long words thinkin theyre original, writing "af" standing for 'as fuck', etc. And on the 2nd hand we got the liberal hipster type, ya know, the stupid ass cnn loving xbox one playin starbucks prius faggot who hates guns and is a vegan preacher tree hugger who wears gay ass sweater vests and embraces the rainbow semen nd works at barnes nd noble coffee shop to show off their cheap ass ebay laptop nd has a beard and listens to shitty alt music and ADTR nd men who wear ug boots nd are mindless and nwo pawns nd probly worship peirs mrogan nd name their first kid swampy (DONT say anything fuckin thing abt it @ penile) - WHO is worse in YOUR opinions - as much as i fuckin despise the liberal hipsters with a fucking passion i gotta go the new age white kids who talk like their black and butcher the english language who think theyre so cool are worse. Opinions?


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