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Suspended for 10 days......ain't this some bullshit?

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So I got suspended today because I was absent. Apparently too many absences. Which is all fine and dandy, however, the reason I didn't go in, is because for some reason, Bucky (Horse girl/Cary) and this other bitch I hate, Nikkie, started shit with me telling me to stop harassing her and making fun of her, MIND YOU, I haven't said shit to her in almost a year now. Not on MySpace, not in person. So, soon after, it turned into a war, and her older sister left 2 messages on my phone saying she would kill me and burn my house down. It's whatever I brushed it off, and didn't hear anymore from. Until 1:00 A.M. the fucking cunt egged my house with 24 eggs. From the sound of it, I thought someone was breaking in. So nonetheless, cops got involved, blah blah blah, and I was up 'til about 6:00 A.M. waiting for something else to happen. So there was no way I was going to school, not only that, but regardless of my morals that I won't hit a girl, if I went in today, I would've broken Cary's fucking jaw. I'm sick of her bullshit. I WILL get this cunt back, tenfold. So my Mom (Who works at the school) tried to explain this to the principal, because it's a very valid reason for me to miss, 'cause I don't trust myself, I would've destroyed Cary today. However, she said she didn't wanna hear it, my Mom's a bad parent, and to get the fuck out of her office.

So here I am. Completely fucked over. However, Cary and the other girl Nikkie are about to get in some serious shit with cops. And since her sister is 18, they told me I can press charges for threatening my life. And I sure as fuck will. And Im'ma let things settle down, it'll probably wait 'til Summer, but I'm bricking this bitch's house.
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