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Final Fantasy XIV Gold

berniearberniear Posts: 1 salt miner

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Rebirth is increasingly popular


The SE "Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Rebirth" is increasingly popular, Final Fantasy XIV Gil because of SE's playfully server overload, forcing the suspension of the digital form of the SE sales, but still are unable to stay away from the influx of more players towards the game. Recently, game producer and director Naoki Yoshida problem of overloading the server made a response, he said: "We didn't have so many players simultaneously log in the game server, which might also increase the risk for failure of the game the very first time operators."Login server login restrictions concern is only part source of the accident, Naoki feel that the incident will be the company's deep - seated problems and registry number for game sales miscalculation, since he politely said: "As a game producer, I must full responsibility for this error. From the company's official blog, Naoki for most players have inked a detailed explanation, which reads the subsequent: "When we made a decision to implement a short-term limit games download version sales plan the evening, "A Realm Rebirth" of the network variety of concurrent connections has exceeded 218,000. buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil Considering the several regions worldwide players because of the login period in different time zones as the interval, we estimate that there is no difference in case, the whole variety of concurrent connections rose from 300,000 to 350,000. You understand, this is the "Final Fantasy XIV" MMORPG ever to penetrate industry as soon as the second operation. considering first the statistical results of operations when received, you will find there's sales assessment is conservative, because we believe that whenever the process of the overall game the next month or so and months through the log in the game, variety of players will will gradually increase."But the truth that shows quite contrary, Final Fantasy XIV Gold we have an unexpected surprise, we operate in the game can be of the game to acquire a lots of players wanting to enter the huge support in order that these players include the normal login, we should instead in a position to generate a stable service environment,and then we utilize login feature in order that the server limit population approaching maximum capacity without exceeding its critical value, but as a result of implementation of such restrictions we didn't get an accurate assessment of the number of sales and login data, triggering a result of this, as the game producer, We've full responsibility for this error deputy, in this, I would like to be prone to all the players apologize." Naoki eventually the players announced they have gained a whole new server, A Realm Reborn CD Key and are preparing to open accessibility most of players. From the following week, we will have the server issues your final solution.


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