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Ghost Sex Toys...

MarcTheFallenMarcTheFallen Posts: 25,483 master of ceremonies
photo Ghost-Phallos-Mortuus-Ritual-Box-Set-Phallus-620x565_zps615f8ad1.jpg

photo Ghost-Dildo_zpsea0ea4ef.jpg

photo Ghost-Butt-Plug_zps4d008b51.jpg

This super rare and collectible webstore exclusive, limited edition of 250 Ritual Box Sets contains:
1 x Exclusive Papa Emeritus II Dildo Puppetmaster T-Shirt (only available with this item)
1 x Bible box case with Gold embossed artwork and red velvet lining.
1 x Divorce paper scroll with customised Ghost foil emblem.
1 x Ghost B.C. brushed metal logo charm.
1 x Bronze effect metal butt plug with moulded Grucifix logo base.
1 x Sculpted black silicone Papa Emeritus II dildo.



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