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Man commits suicide on Fox News after car chase

Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
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A long car chase through rural Arizona aired on Fox News and ended tragically with the suicide of the carjacker.

Fox had been following the pursuit since a little before 3:00 p.m. ET, as the red vehicle weaved at speeds of 110 mph on an Arizona freeway and then on a dirt road west of Tonopah.

After pulling over in the middle of nowhere, the criminal slowly emerged from the car and looked disoriented. Smith continuously noted that he was “nervous” and had a bad feeling about what was happening, and he did not see this ending well.

The man then left his vehicle and ran out into an open field before pulling out a gun and shooting himself on live television. Host Shepard Smith yelled at the show’s crew to “get off” the video immediately, before the network cut to commercial break.

video is on the site. its not insanely graphic but its enough to fuck with your head


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