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Relapse records 30 for 30

mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,965 moneytalker
edited September 2012 in Debate & Discourse
For you - dedicated to the memory of Jordan Wodehouse and Daniel langlois
Punk rock terrorists - vonboom
Violent headache and necromorph split
Zubrowska - one on six
Sieghetnar - erhabenheit
Sleeping village - fragments
Devastator and blasphemer - nuclear war / race of the cursed seeds
Dyspraxia - with us if you will
Votur - planet cemetery ( I got two of the same)
Luctus / argharus split
Descending darkness - blutrausch
Sleepers - interaction
The ugly - slaves to the decay
Spitfire - time and eternity
The scourger - dark invitation to Armageddon
Sadist- crush
Stillborn - esta rebellion Es eterna
Inhaste- the wreckage
Siculicidium- utolso vagta az univerzumban
Taken- this is forever
Spawn - human toxin
Various artists
Thee maldoror kollective- new era viral
The other side of the sky - Rorschach ( I got two of these CDs)
Urto- upside down
Dissimulation - prakeikimas
Brian posehn - live in nerd rage
Vengeful - the omnipresent curse
Chris connelly - artificial madness
Abysmal dawn - from ashes
You tryin to be a hero fool? You wanna see badass mother fucker?! I'll show ya a badass!!!


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