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The Confederate Flag

NolaFree810NolaFree810 Posts: 36,796 moneytalker
edited September 2012 in Debate & Discourse
I read an article today on lynryd skynyrd and how they werent gonna fly the confederate flag anymore at their concert. naturally southern hicks got butthurt and they decided they were gonna again... just curious at what people view the flag as do you view it as...

The Confederate Flag 22 votes

A symbol of racism, ignorance, and hate
NolaFree810TravisThat_Guy_ArloJLRedWing13FIRENATHANIELHACKETTnoneyaMagson13MenAreTrashXenoLea...SkullAndCrossbonesWakeOfAshesmonicaa 14 votes
A symbol of southern heritage and states rights' pride
OPPPrimalScream31UPfreebirdNecrothulhuHeisenbergTiradesOfTruthMe_SandyVagina 8 votes


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