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Midnight Hour Threadz

Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 34,915 jayfacer
edited September 2012 in Debate & Discourse
fukkit its Midnight I'm sittin here..... had an awesum day went out saw a soccer game, went gamblin... then aquired kix ass knife, itza badass
drinkin a beerz sittin here all alone wif Gnomeziez only cuz itza fukkin Day Time in Zzzzzlandz

lolz... fukk it Cpuffz will proly stop in tell meh to fukkmYjselfvz and i'll tell her to sit on meh face and such (buttsechz hot an heavy) bitchz

fukkit it makez meh lolz i nubz the chix on here they fukk wif meh hard.... and theyz love you fagz, like marc, and fukkin Alex,, and now Jayface

theyz need z a real manynez fukkovz smooth on Catz big Tip....


blue turbins

From Those Fishes - I Fingered An Old Bitch (i got Aids on my finger)


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