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Favorite Childhood Memories

Da_MuffinzDa_Muffinz Posts: 2,972 balls deep
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It could be anything. Just share something about your past that you'll always treasure. Things you remember that you miss.


  • MetalCoresadesMetalCoresades Posts: 55,852 spicy boy
    I still live out my childhood everyday \m/

    Power Rangers, videogames, role playing... all that
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  • laurjohn2laurjohn2 Posts: 6,951 balls deep
    breaking into a neighbors house to steal nudie magazines.....a couple times.....
  • fucketh_thine_selffucketh_thine_self Posts: 3,363 just the tip
    laurjohn2 said:

    breaking into a neighbors house to steal nudie magazines.....a couple times.....

    all my friends just came over to my house to look at nudie magazines. my dad always kept playboy, penthouse and hustler magazines on the of the toilet. oh and all those biker magazines with the ugly old biker chicks. but i still had to look through those even if i knew at a young age that the women in those were not the least bit attractive
  • OPPOPP Posts: 50,132 spicy boy
    Way the fuck back (1990-1993):
    Being at a party in I think 92 where our family friend's daughter pushed me over so I threw her down the stairs. Whoops.

    The stroller I was in colliding with another one, the kid in teh other one soon became my first best friend for years. He lived right down the street.

    The neighbor's cat freaking the fuck out of me when it walked on the dividing property wall at night.

    Slightly later (93-95)
    Rainy days at my best friend's house playing 007 on N64.

    Exploring a furniture store with my best friend and his little brothers one rainy day.

    Later on (96-99)
    Kindergarten... tons of here and there memories.

    Endless hours spent collecting/organizing/staring at my Pokemon cards.

    Playing Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow

    More Pokemon. Pokemon and the Arizona Diamondbacks were everything I spent my time on.

    That's what I consider my childhood. 2000 and later not so much. Maybe 00 and 01.

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  • Da_MuffinzDa_Muffinz Posts: 2,972 balls deep
    I miss living in Sacramento while my parents were still married. Had our own swimming pool that I swam in everday. Got great tans, then when nighttime came my sister, dad, and I would lay on the roof and look at the stars. After eating round table pizza and watching a movie lol.
  • FIREJOHNELWAYFIREJOHNELWAY Posts: 34,336 spicy boy
    The day after christmas my best friend and I would take any christmas money/gift cards and go blow it at target. Every penny. We'd just get soda, candy, chips, multiplayer video games and go back to his house and pig out. We did that from like 4th to 8th grade.
  • TravisTravis Posts: 4,971 balls deep
    christmas break, waaay back (think like 87-88), my brother and I home all day, playing Legos for days on end, playing Double Dragon on NES, and watching Goonies on VHS....

    Later on, in high school, Friday nights....cruising the local strip with friends, BLASTING everything from GnR to Dr. Dre to Pantera in my El Camino SS....
  • NecrothulhuNecrothulhu Posts: 33,440 master of ceremonies
    Nintento 64 didn't come out till September 96 doe

    Here's what I miss.

    Food, TV, and Toys
    Jellies, spice girls lollipops, Squeeze-its, waking up on Saturday/Sunday mornings and watching Donkey Kong Country (computer generated)..Sonic..Animaniacs..Tiny Toons..etc, Hi-C Ecto Coolers, Pokemon Poptarts, going to KFC to get all the Pokemon plushies (seel, dratini, zubat, and vulpix), being able to get Surge, French Toast Crunch, waking up and watching Nick Jr. (face, gullah gullah island, allegras window, eurekas castle, etc), Sprite Remix, Sobe Elements, play food, 90's toy commercials, and much much more.

    Now here's the good stuff. I was pretty damn active growing up. Roller blades, ice skating, bike riding, running, swimming, climbing, etc. One of my favorite was to call my best friend up and just go around our hill and ride around on our bikes. We even had a "secret code" you had to imput on the bricks lol. She's the one that made me want a N64 because that's what we'd do on rainy days

    I never had my own game console in the early/mid 90's, so the only time I got to play on one is when I visited my cousin. He had a Sega Genesis so I used to play Sonic and a WWE game (he was always Shawn Michaels and I was Sable). Also watched him play other stuff like Earthworm Jim. Only got to play Donkey Kong Country on the SNES if I visited a different cousins house, and Super Mario Worlds, Mario Kart, etc at another.

    Finally got my own xmas 1999, which was a Nintendo 64

    Buying Pokemon cards all the time. And that one day going to Blockbuster, opening a pack and getting that holographic Charizard

    Got that dvd case sized PS a few years after the N64

  • GnomezGnomez Posts: 17,483 master of ceremonies
    I was happy to have a black and White tv with two channels on it when I was a kid
  • MetalSSlayerMetalSSlayer Posts: 6,164 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Staying up all night with friends playing Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros., etc.

    Pokemon, both games and cards. Never actually played the card game though, just collected.
    Battling friends in Pokemon and kicking ass because I used all the stat boosters (protein, calcium, iron, etc.) and my friends didn't.
  • EpisodeEpisode Posts: 32,049 destroyer of motherfuckers
    My old best friend Joey, back in 1st Grade, getting up on my Dad's bed while he was sleeping, and blasting the fuck out of him wit a 50 dart fully automatic NERF gun, straight in the face. Holy fuck, dat nigga had balls of steel. Still makes me laugh my fucking ass off thinking about that shit.
  • KridesBrideBrittKridesBrideBritt Posts: 25,781 jayfacer
    Street hockey
    Trips to Philly
    Spying on my neighbors
    Jumping on my bed to my stereo
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  • Da_MuffinzDa_Muffinz Posts: 2,972 balls deep
    All these stories kick ass! >:D< it's amazing how much things have changed since then isn't it? Remember we had to actually WALK to our friend's house and ask them to come outside and play?
  • NecrothulhuNecrothulhu Posts: 33,440 master of ceremonies
    Winning the 1st grade Easter coloring contest when the girl behind me boasted she was going to win
  • Da_MuffinzDa_Muffinz Posts: 2,972 balls deep
    The one time I tried to dig a hole to China in my backyard, I got about a foot deep lol.
  • TravisTravis Posts: 4,971 balls deep

    Nintento 64 didn't come out till September 96 doe

    Young Lady, the Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in 1985 in North America...
    I never referred to the N64...
  • NecrothulhuNecrothulhu Posts: 33,440 master of ceremonies
    I was referring to Alex's post..
  • TigerTiger Posts: 2,116 balls deep
    My cousin and I would spend the summer at my grandparents during the day while our parents worked. We would walk down to the store and buy baseball cards, and candy cigarettes, and pretend to smoke all day.
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  • WakeOfAshesWakeOfAshes Posts: 21,665 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I remember in elementary school it was the best day ever when we were surprised with a dixie cup.
  • NolaFree810NolaFree810 Posts: 36,796 moneytalker
    my child hood days in the summer consisited of waking up watching scooby doo...get dressed get in my moms 88 to my cousins house listening to hootie and the blowfich or counting crows or toad the wet sprocket etc...swim with my cousins in there poopl for like 3 hours.. go to mcdonalds for lunch and get the sweet sweet happy meal in the outside play scape or w/e its called... came back and watched Rescue 911 with bill shatner every single day.. then went home..we did this pretty much every single day
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