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My New Book

Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 34,915 jayfacer
edited August 2012 in Off Topic
Ive beeen working on my 3rd installment of Nevaeh Trilogy,,, but have mooved away but i have been workin on sum new shit called The Devil, Angel of Hell....


blue turbins

From Those Fishes - I Fingered An Old Bitch (i got Aids on my finger)

My New Book 14 votes

givz a fukk
OPPTravisdrinkwine732NecrothulhuFIRENATHANIELHACKETTXeno...monicaa 8 votes
fukk catz bookz
EpisodeStoned_Catz 2 votes
i might read it
NolaFree810KridesBrideBritt 2 votes
definatley going to read it
Rex_Capone420HOODS 2 votes


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