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Curious to see who is interested

mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 39,237 moneytalker
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There's a thread around here about a cedar point trip some of us at rock on the range talked about. I'm curious to see who all is interested if you are interested in making the trip next summer after you vote make a comment saying what month works best for you, if people will be coming with you, and if you have a preference on whether you want to stay with the group and all get rooms together as a group or do your own thing. Pretty much any info you can give.

May its usually pretty cool temperature wise at the park
June is usually when lines are the shortest.

The new coaster gets announced Monday. Sometimes the earlier in the season you run the risk of the ride being broke down being new.
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Curious to see who is interested 20 votes

Yes, I want to go
OPPNolaFree810GazorpazorpfieldHOODSThat_Guy_ArloJLRedWing13NecrothulhumrAPEnoneyaLeaMetalSSlayer 11 votes
No, fuck off ginger
HeisenbergFIRENATHANIELHACKETTStoned_CatzKridesBrideBrittWunderbarrrrXenoChicken_FuckerWakeOfAshesjag 9 votes


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