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The Jay Game and bitchez bein bitchez

NolaFree810NolaFree810 Posts: 36,796 moneytalker
edited July 2012 in Debate & Discourse
Ok basically im gonna award Jay points for anything sexual he does with Lea on their beautiful first meeting together.. the game is to guess the totla points jay will accomplish on his adventure becoming a man

the point will be awarded as follows

Kiss - 1 point
long make out sesh - 2 points
titty/ ass squeeze - 3 points
ass slap/ spank - 4 points
fingering - 5 points
handjay - 6 points
receive a blowjay - 10 points
eat teh pussay - 8 points
titty fuck - 8 points
missionary bangin - 10 points
any other posish - 13 points
buttsechz- 20 points
licking buttholez - 15 points
gets balls licked - 10 points
cums in pussae - 10 points
cums on tittys - 8 points
cums in her mouth - 20 points
makes her cum - 1 point

person who guesses the total point amount correctly gets a signed rush poster by Jay himself and pics of leah, razor, and britt naked go!
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