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I am wanting a new cd

mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 39,266 moneytalker
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But what should I get. It's between two CDs the second band I really have never liked but I liked the first song that was released before the cd came out haven't heard anything else from it.
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I am waiting a new cd 20 votes

Skeletonwitch - forever abomination
OPPGazorpazorpfielddrinkwine732fucketh_thine_selfJLRedWing13NecrothulhumrAPEHeisenbergFIRENATHANIELHACKETT1D_for_lifestreetsChicken_Fucker...FLATSkullAndCrossbonesTiradesOfTruthBlindGuardian93 17 votes
Goatwhore - blood of the master
sbs_willKridesBrideBrittSATAN 3 votes
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