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What would you do?

LiveFreeDieLiveFreeDie Posts: 8,050 destroyer of motherfuckers
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So as some of you may know I work at a fireworks store and we close at 8. So at 8:05 as i'm just about to walk out the door a "mentally challenged" guy and his dad are knocking at the door and had asked if they could come in real quick and get something. So as I opened the door and they come in the "mentally challenged" guy says to me that they left their wallet at home and could they pick out $12 in fireworks and come back tomorrow and pay me for them. I responded back "Sorry, I can't do that." Then he says we just live 15 min away and could I stick around and wait for them to come back. Again I say sorry I can't do that. The guy starts practically begging me. So they ended up leaving and the mentally challenge guy is all upset.

So my question is this... would you have let them take $12 worth of fireworks in hopes that the come back tomorrow and pay you? In reality even if they did rip us off I don't really think the owners would have been that upset about it. I felt a bit bad. But I mean what store would actually do that?
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