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Okay, seriously, to all you fuckers making fun of Rose Funeral

Rose_Funeral_FanRose_Funeral_Fan Posts: 40 salt miner
edited March 2010 in Off Topic
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Theres my butthurt form. Im VERY pissed with all you people. Ive been lurking on these boards for a few weeks now, and all I see is you mother fuckers making fun of my fave band EVARRR, ROSE FUNERAL!!!! I think its complete bullshit that you can't let the whole uno incident die off. Its not like its Rose Funeral's fault, those kids got what they had coming. They should pay moar respect and watch the band instead of playing stupid card games. How disrespectful. And now i see you stupid bitches are making t shirts about them?! Besides, how could someone NOT like this band? There the heaviest thing i have EVER heard.


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