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crazy people and the internet

SATANSATAN Posts: 25,619 spicy boy
edited March 2012 in Off Topic of my best friends since middle school is a schizophrenic now. it emerged when he was in college after heavy drug use and he's been full-blown for more than 10 years now. he has all these paranoid thoughts that people are watching him and/or making fun of him all the time. this is kinda manageable nowadays because he's ended up with a job working for family where he doesn't interact with customers and his girlfriend manages his finances and takes care of their son. the biggest problem he has is the internet. he's an avid gamer and does game modding. one time, about 8 years ago, he called me frantic at 2am to tell me that he had unplugged his headset and people were still making fun of him through it. he's weird like that. well, about a year ago, he ended up starting an efight on some forum with a 4chan kid that ended up escalating into someone hacking his email account and posting some paedobear shit on his facebook. i had to help him close his page out and had to explain to him what was going on and who he was fucking with. aight, now dude has severe issues with his sexuality because of something he did while severely inebriated at a party. basically, he thinks that everyone thinks he's a gay pedophile and it bothers him daily. it's kinda sad. anyways, he calls me this morning to tell me that he's trying to sue someone for libel because they posted some paedobear shit in response to something he posted online and that he's hiring a p.i. to find out who the person is. i couldn't help but facepalm. i've been trying to explain to him that he needs to let that shit slide all day now, but he's adamant about doing something about it. he's on his way to being like that "you done goof'd!" guy.


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