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The Concert Review Thread



  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    dare i say...............11/10?
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  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    for this one its appropriate
  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,965 moneytalker
    Through the eyes of the dead skepsis sucks but to say anything off malice is deathcore would be retarded
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  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,965 moneytalker
    They played a headline show last night at the mad hatter and I didn't know about it until right before the show. Anyway it was 6 bucks started at 3 I got there at 7. All the bands before woe of tyrants that I saw I did not like. One was called missing maryland or something they used a goofy ass robot voice thing like lil Wayne does. They were like a deathcore band but not so I was calling them crunkcore that's the best I could come up with to discribe them and their goofy vocals. There was probably 30 people total at the show. Woe of tyrants was great live. Probably one of the most on point band I have seen. They played 3 new songs closed with creatures of the mire. One song off their first cd. Then break the fangs of the wicked, kingdom of might, sons of thunder, seven braids of sampson, like
    jesper. I got to sing a few lines of break the fangs. It sucked though I've been fighting a sore throat all week. After they played chris came over and talked to me for a bit. I didn't get anything signed though because I had 20 minutes to make it to chipotle before they closed if I wanted a burrito.

    This is from a couple weeks ago
    You tryin to be a hero fool? You wanna see badass mother fucker?! I'll show ya a badass!!!
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    edited March 2010
    Just got back from the Sidebar.
    I'll keep it short and sweet,
    first up was those who lie beneath. I actually enjoyed them, well their open was the "I am a false prophet god is a superstition" part from "there will be blood"
    Chelsea Grin decided to say fuck it and not play this show, since they weren't going to be getting paid for this show, since it was at a dif venue then originally, since the main venue didnt have power, and they had no merch, so they said fuck it. Found this out from the bass player of Those who Lie Beneath
    Goatwhore fucking ruled. This place was small as balls, prob a 100 capacity if that, and its a bar, that happens to have like a 1 foot tall stage, but they put on a hell of a show. I didn't realize that they were a 4 piece. I thought for sure they were a 5 piece w/2 guitars. Anyways, they had a lot of energy and were really into it. And i got their setlist too

    The All Destroying
    Provoking the Ritual of Death
    Blood Guilt Eucharist
    Carving Out The Eyes of God
    Nocturnal Holocaust
    Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
    In Legions, I am Wars of Wrath
    Desolate Path to Apocalyptic Ruin
    Apocalyptic Havoc

    Next came "shrug" Mychildren Mybride. The ninjas were out in full force. I watched most of their set from the bar, and still almost got hit by people doing that retarded looking 2 step dance. The amusing part was that as their open before their first offical song, they played Bad Romance and got people to dance and sing along (well the opening part)

    And finally, the Red Chord. I have no voice, and since the stage was so small, I got the mike pointed at me during Black Santa, and even got to get up on stage and do the first verse. I got up to the line 'the penis walks from heaven', then my mind froze lol, and forgot the next line. Awesome show. Also Greg bought dounuts for everyone, so yes i did get to headbang while eating at the same time. I don't know all that they played, but i know for sure they played
    dread prevailed
    blue line creten
    that special kind of ugly
    pray for eyes
    black santa

    there were prob 4 or 5 more, but since it was so loud and not every song had a 'this is' to it, i couldn't tell.
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    goatwhore was awesome all 3 times i've seen them, seeing em for a 4th on saturday
  • NolaFree810NolaFree810 Posts: 36,796 moneytalker
    edited March 2010
    i wanna see goatwhore so bad.

    ne goatwhore pix?
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    nope, i got me a blackberry, and since this was at a dump bar, i couldn't get lightting for shit.

    Hopefully someone posts Black Santa from tonight on Youtube, just to see how bad ass i look on the tiny as hell stage
  • JLRedWing13JLRedWing13 Posts: 48,553 mod
    Goatwhore live is always good.
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  • That_Guy_ArloThat_Guy_Arlo Posts: 14,026 master of ceremonies
    I need to see Goatwhore again soon.

    Great reviews though, I'm going to see BYD & Otep a week from Saturday.
  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,965 moneytalker
    I don't see it goatwhore was boring as fuck when I saw them.
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  • MarcTheFallenMarcTheFallen Posts: 26,264 master of ceremonies
    edited March 2010
    i might hit up BYD and Otep. idk yet.
  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,965 moneytalker
    You tryin to be a hero fool? You wanna see badass mother fucker?! I'll show ya a badass!!!
  • MarcTheFallenMarcTheFallen Posts: 26,264 master of ceremonies
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    you should mark, BYD was incredible.
  • mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 38,965 moneytalker
    I've seen them 5 times. 3 with Matt 2 with mike. I miss the days with Matt being there. I do however like the new cd quite a bit.
    You tryin to be a hero fool? You wanna see badass mother fucker?! I'll show ya a badass!!!
  • That_Guy_ArloThat_Guy_Arlo Posts: 14,026 master of ceremonies
    March 12th - Ridglea Theatre - Ft Worth TX - Unearth

    Got there as the first of two local bands was playing.

    The Ghost Inside - Second time seeing this band, and honestly was a bit impressed with them. I'm not a huge fan of hardcore but they were pretty entertaining. 7/10

    Carnifex - Br00tal ninjacore FTL. These guys brought the breakdowns and bad hair cuts but not much else. 2/10

    Set List:

    1. br00tal breakdowns
    2. br00tal breakdowns
    3. more br00tal breakdowns
    4. even more br00tal breakdowns
    5. crazy uber br00tal breakdowns

    Veil Of Maya - Very impressed with these guys, the only song I knew of theirs was "It's Not Safe To Swim Today" but will deff be checking them out more. Great stage presence and really got the crowd moving. 8/10

    Stick To Your Guns - Like I said earlier I'm not a big fan of hardcore but this band really stands out to me. Second time seeing them and I really enjoyed their set. Check these guys out if you ever get the chance. 8/10

    Unearth - What else is there to be said about this band? Amazing group that always kills it live. Third time seeing them and it certainly won't be the last, so much energy on stage throughout the entire set. 9.5/10

    Oh and btw, fuck hardcore dancers.
  • NOLANOLA Posts: 6,352 jayfacer
    edited March 2010
    I'll post this in here too, im not giving a review though. I think the set speaks for itself. I'm just gonna upload pics on facebook.

    311 Day 2010 Set:

    1. Jackpot
    2. Sick Tight
    3. Plain
    4. Beautiful Disaster
    5. Hydroponic
    6. Flowing
    7. Still Dreaming
    8. Loco
    9. Uncalm
    10. Mix It Up
    11. Purpose
    12. From Chaos
    13. Running
    14. Solar Flare
    15. Taiyed (extended version)
    16. Sun Come Through (B-side, first time played live)
    17. What Was I Thinking?
    18. Livin' & Rockin
    19. All Re-mixed Up (extended)
    20. India Ink
    21. My Stoney Baby
    22. Come Original
    23. Silver
    24. Don't Tread On Me
    25. Beyond the Grey Sky
    26. You Wouldn't Believe
    27. P-Nut Solo
    28. Nutsymptom (extended)
    29. Brodels
    30. Creatures (extended)
    31. 1,2,3
    32. Rub-A-Dub
    33. Color
    34. Light Years
    35. Who's Got the Herb? (extended)
    36. Let the Card's Fall
    37. Crack the Code
    38. Two Drops In the Ocean (first time played live)
    39. Random
    40. Nix Hex (extended)
    41. Feels So Good
    42. Golden Sunlight
    43. Six
    44. Do You Right
    45. Don't Stay Home
    46. Hive
    47. Omaha Stylee
    48. Down
    49. Offbeat Bare Ass (P-Nut lights up, then passes that shit)
    50. Amber
    51. Daisy Cutter
    52. Use of Time
    53. Get Down (first time played live)
    54. Applied Science (extended w/ entire band drum solo)
    55. 8:16 am
    56. Visit
    57. Sever
    58. It's Getting Okay Now
    59. Freeze Time
    60. Always An Excuse
    61. Slinky Girl(extremely rare, hasn't been played sine '93)
    62. Fuck the Bullshit


    63. Unity

    5 Hrs., 40 Mins, 63 Songs later I'm fucking exhausted

    Summer Unity Tour Announced: 311 w/ The Offspring and Special Guest
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  • destroyerofsensesdestroyerofsenses Posts: 483 salt miner
    hey do you know the setlist for unearth?
  • That_Guy_ArloThat_Guy_Arlo Posts: 14,026 master of ceremonies
    No, I remember a handful of songs but they are all pretty obvious:

    My Will Be Done
    We Are Not Anonymous
    Black Hearts Now Reign

    They played 12 songs total.
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