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The Concert Review Thread



  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    yea i was hoping to hear brackish an choke, i got goatwhore on Saturday headlining \m/
  • JLRedWing13JLRedWing13 Posts: 48,553 mod
    Nice review, I dislike both bands though.
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  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    oh lord, looks like my heads gonna hurt. just looked up the 2 openers, 2 bree bree pig squeel deathcore bands
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    Its not Rose funeral though. some band called chealsea grin and those who lie beneath. And i get the wonderful (sarcasm) pleasure of seeing Mychildren Mybride for the 3rd time in 6 months, yay me.
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    The Uno Champions are destroying deathcore in general, not just Rose Funeral. I've heard both those bands, and they suck.
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  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    oh yes they do.
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    BYD was absolutely fucking amazing full review coming tomorrow
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    W/Otep? or did you bail before hand.
  • laurjohn2laurjohn2 Posts: 6,951 balls deep
    WASP 3/9/10

    Show last night wore me out. WASP sounded amazing, even though Blackie was a bit freaky, i.e. he kept talking to himself. Showcase Live is an awesome place to see a show. sound is excellent and there isn't a bad spot in the place.

    Warmachine - band sounded OK on their Myspace page, but sounded a lot better live. I might check out more on these guys. The songs that they said were going to be on their upcoming CD sounded very good

    WASP - what can i say, AMAZING!!! Blackie's voice sounded excellent on all songs. Guitars, drums and bass were all awesome. I liked the way they played the music videos for the songs in the background, while the band played the song in sync with the video. Must have taken a lot of practice to do that. Crowd was really into this show, which added a lot to it.

    On Your Knees - great song to start with. can't go wrong with something from their first CD
    The Real Me - bass was booming with this song
    L.O.V.E. Machine - LO VE all i need is my love machine
    Crazy - new song blended great with the old stuff - love the new CD
    Babylon's Burning - another new song which sounded great. Nothing like a group of 30+ year old men yelling 666
    Wild Child - favorite song of the night. Blackie's voice was right on
    Hellion / I Don't Need No Doctor / Scream Until You Like It - kind of a weird combination of songs togther, but they blended well and sounded good. Wish they played full songs
    Arena Of Pleasure - sounded good
    Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) - great live song. crowd was really into this one.
    The Idol - great song, but really mellowed out everyone
    Take Me Up - great song, but really mellowed out everyone
    I Wanna Be Somebody - brought back people's energy. another great live song
    Heaven's Hung in Black - i liked the whole civil war theme. song was a bit mellow for an encore, but still sounded good
    Blind In Texas - awesome song to close with

    Summary - see WASP live if you can!!!!

    crappy cell pix

  • SantanaSantana Posts: 16,743 juggalo
    I want to see Springsteen live someday
    he plays 3 hour sets and he was the first musician I ever listened to
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    edited March 2010
    3/9/10 - Raleigh, nc - Volume 11 Tavern - Otep

    got there late since the doors opened at 6 and i got out of work at 7.

    destrophy - mediocre radio rock. nothing special about them, easily forgettable 3/10

    Through the eyes of the dead - generic deathcore. to their credit they had a lot of energy but still sucked. lol they reminded me of crabcore. i could tell this band is used to having ninjas at their show, but that never happens at volume 11 and the snger was getting all pissed off. he also tripped on a monitor and almost face planted, it was lulzy. got a drum stick from em even though i didnt like em lol 1.5/10

    BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD-holy shit man this set is going my top 5 performances i've ever seen, right there with amom amarth and alestorm. Myke is an amazing front man and the place went crazy over them, still no ninjas thou. intense energy and tons of crowd participation. before they played the color of money myke said that he wanted everyone i the venue to give him a high five during the song and when they started playing literally everyone the venue rushed the stage. it was fucking insane. they had some really good circle pits going but i wanted to keep my spot at the front which wasn't easy. they closed with Losin' it ( The song where they scream over and over bury your fucking dead) everyone was screaming it and we drowned out the vocals. myke handed the mic to the guy next to me and we passed it around. t was so much fun. seriously even if you only kinda like BYD you gotta see their live show, its amazing 10/10

    Broken Body
    House of Straw
    Sympathy Orchestra
    12th Stroke of Midnight
    Without You
    Eyes Wide Shut
    Fever Dream
    The Color of Money
    Hurting Not Helping
    Lions Den
    Mosh N Roll

    Otep - after BYD i knew there was no way Otep could match that and i was right. tbh i found them quite boring and she went on a rant after every song. i'm a dude that likes stage banter but this was excessive. very little energy on stage as well. i left after the 5th song.
  • laurjohn2laurjohn2 Posts: 6,951 balls deep
    otep sucks balls live
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
    edited March 2010
  • ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
  • ComptonAssBertoComptonAssBerto Posts: 3,899 just the tip
    TTEOTD is one of the better deathcore bands in my opinion.
  • AdamAdam Posts: 11,533 balls deep
    ^this . i love bury your dead tho seen them twice
  • slip_knotslip_knot Posts: 512 juggalo
    I'm glad you had fun Shane. I saw Bury Your Dead in a tiny club with no stage back when they toured with Throwdown. One of the best and most insane sets I've ever seen, I love BYD.
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