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there's a petition going on to include body modification in "equal employment opportunity rights"

SkullAndCrossbonesSkullAndCrossbones Posts: 16,452 destroyer of motherfuckers
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saw this on the other day and thought it might be of some interest to some of you

Sign This 'Include Body Modification in Equal Opportunity Employment' Petition PLEASE!

I know this isn't video game or horror related, but it's something I think a lot of people on here would agree with and like to see. A petition has surfaced online with the sole purpose of getting Body Modification added to Equal Opportunity Employment rights. I 100 percent support this being someone with many extra holes in his head, and with many friends and family who are tattooed, pierced, etc. The main purpose of this is to prove that your job qualifications do not reflect the way you look. Just because you chose to tattoo yourself up, or put some extra holes in your face doesn't mean you can't do your job and do it well.
I've been in that situation before. Back in high school I had green hair, and piercings (that I still have) and I tried to get a job at Walgreens. They weren't too keen on those extras and wouldn't give me the job. Too bad for them, because I was never a bad kid, didn't do drugs, and I always worked my hardest at any other job I had. Even now I have to de-pierce my face every day I go into my job, and it sucks. It gives me that feeling like the man is still holding me down or something. Times are changing, practically every single friend I have has some sort of body modification. Though it's slowly being more accepted, we're still miles away from where we should be. If you're interested please SIGN THE PETITION HERE! with your friends, on Facebook, etc, spread the word!
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