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Cool Story Inside...

TravisTravis Posts: 4,971 balls deep
edited March 2012 in Off Topic
So last week I came down with a 104 degree temp and violent chills after taking a bad kick to the leg during a soccer match....I developed cellulitis and a variation of the flesh eating virus..This developed over a 24 hour period....I had to have surgery on my lower left leg to remove an abscess....I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia they gave me, and I didn't wake up for like 2 hours after the operation....I was in the hospital for a week, and was close to losing my left leg from the knee down....I'm on IV antibiotics at home, and I have a large open wound that I have to stuff with gauze 3 times a day so the leg can heal from the inside out to keep the infection from returning.....Out of work for 4 to 6 weeks....../sob story/attention whore


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