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2012 Concert Recap Thread



  • XenoXeno Posts: 18,741 master of ceremonies
    Cambridge. Fuck.
  • laurjohn2laurjohn2 Posts: 6,951 balls deep
    1. Iced Earth / Symphony X / Warbringer
    2. Fresh Beat Band
    3. Kid Rock
    4. Iron Maiden / Alice Cooper
    5. Slipknot / Slayer / Motorhead / Asking Alexandria / Anthrax / As I Lay Dying / Devil Wears Prada / White Chapel / I the Breather / Dead Season
    6. Lita Ford
    7. Godsmack, Staind, Adelitas Way, P.O.D., Fozzy, Deuce, In This Moment
    8. KISS / Motley Crue / The Treatment
    9. Pete Townshend (Acoustic)
    10. Sonic Pulse
    11. Rush
    12. Megadeth / Kyng
    13. Lamb of God / In Flames / Hell Yeah / Sylosis
    14. Phillip Phillips / Tristen Prettyman (lolwat!)
    15. Trans Siberian Orchestra TSO

    next up: Ornament (TSO tribute band) - this should close out 2012
  • lokisrevengelokisrevenge Posts: 275 just the tip
    All these (I had to check stubbs to remember all of them)
    Plus the ones I lost stubbs to that I can remember now
    Behemoth / devils blood / in solitude
    Exhumed / Goatwhore
    Fear Factory
    Been a Fucking great year!!!!!!
    2013 is shapein up to be a killer year too !!!!
  • XenoXeno Posts: 18,741 master of ceremonies
  • 1D_for_life1D_for_life Posts: 13,785 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Was a good time
  • RAZORRAZOR Posts: 7,664 jayfacer
    Xenocide said:


    I went for free. :-\"
  • HOODSHOODS Posts: 41,866 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I got 3 more this year I'm going too!!!

    27th- H2O/Wisdom in Chains
    28th- Wisdom in Chains/War Hungry
    30th- Cro Mags/Sheer Terror

    \m/ ... I can't wait to see War Hungry, I'm driving 3 hrs for that shit, they like never play! Fucking riff masters! Can't wait!!!!!!!
  • ...... Posts: 31,548 master of ceremonies
    H20 \m/
  • FLATFLAT Posts: 57,959 spicy boy
    HOODS said:

    I got 3 more this year I'm going too!!!

    27th- H2O/Wisdom in Chains
    28th- Wisdom in Chains/War Hungry
    30th- Cro Mags/Sheer Terror

    \m/ ... I can't wait to see War Hungry, I'm driving 3 hrs for that shit, they like never play! Fucking riff masters! Can't wait!!!!!!!

    love taking road trips to see my favorite bands \m/
  • ...... Posts: 31,548 master of ceremonies
    1. Skillet
    2. Fire Spoken By The Buffalo w/ Frameworks, The Blue Letter, Apart, and Ghosts Of Mississippi
    3. Henry Rollins
    4. Fire Spoken By The Buffalo (basement show)
    5. Earthday Birthday
    6. Protest The Hero w/ Periphery, Jeff Loomis, The Safety Fire and Today I Caught The Plague
    7. Goodnight Neverland w/ Chasing Thrill
    8. Megadeth w/ Lacuna Coil
    9. Whitechapel w/ Miss May I, After The Burial and Within The Ruins
    10. Thrice w/ Animals As Leaders and O'Brother
    11. Fire Spoken By The Buffalo w/ I'll Live, Gillain Carter and Renew Reveal
    12. Scion Fest
    13. Fire Spoken By The Buffalo w/ Oddczar amd Au Revoir.
    14. Autograph Moon w/ The Invocation and Rexartrefken.
    15. Death To All
    16. Mayhem Festival
    17. Warped Tour
    18. Fire Spoken By The Buffalo (last show) w/ Ghosts Of Mississippi, The Soul Committee and View In The Reveal.
    19. Denouncer w/ Reveal Renew, Sleep Patterns, Wake Up Atlantic, Kills & Thrills and Da Vinci.
    20. Side-Lined w/ Signal 92
    21. Fathoms Pass w/ Wirethrone, The Antitype and Beneath The Sativa
    22. Detoura w/ Abdomen Canvas, Wirethrone, Path To Prevail and War Within
    23. Nonpoint w/ Eye Empire, Through The Side and Sugar Phix
    24. Kamelot w/ Seven Kingdoms and War Of Thrones
    25. Uproar Festival
    26. Strung Out w/ The Swellers and Such Gold
    27. Abdomen Canvas w/ Entity, Wirethrone and Katharik
    28. Impending Doom w/ The Chariot, Texas In July and Hundredth
    29. 10 Years w/ Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    30. Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Machine Head, ATR, In This Moment, Royal Bliss, DJ Starscream
    31. Born Of Osiris w/ Unearth, The Contortionist, Obey The Brave and Wolves At The Gate
    32. Lamb Of God w/ In Flames, Hatebreed and Sylosis
    33. Rise Against w/ Bush, Silversun Pickups, Fun, Flogging Molly, Of Monsters & Men, The Joy Formidable, Grouplove and more.
    34.Killswitch Engage w/ Shadows Fall and Acaro
    35. Fire Spoken By The Buffalo w/ Henrietta, Trials, Leapfrog and Kato

    That wraps up my year
  • HOODSHOODS Posts: 41,866 destroyer of motherfuckers
    1. Reign Supreme/Sicker than Most
    2. Agitator/Wrong Answer
    3. Suburban Scum/Incendiary/Fire & Ice/Agitator
    4. Biohazard/Sworn Enemy/SFAR/Lifeless
    5. Shattered Realm
    6. Horror Show/Wrong Answer
    7. Machine Head
    8. Shattered Realm/Barricade
    9. Cro Mags/Wisdom in Chains/Death Before Dishonor
    10. Lifeless/Betrayel
    11. E-Town Concrete/Madball/Biohazard/Sworn Enemy
    12. Reign Supreme/Rock Bottom
    13. Sicker than Most/Beyond Dishonor
    14. H2O/Hostage Calm/Ensign
    15. CDC
    16. With Life in Mind/STM/Ready to Die/Psycho Enhancer
    17. Old Wounds/Hazards
    18. Sicker than Most (my first show on bass)
    19. Diecast/Useless
    20. Wisdom in Chains
    21. Born Low/Hammerhead
    22. Take Offense/Xibalba/Soul Search
    23. Sicker than Most/In The Path of Titans/Brooksite/Mother Brain
    24. DRI/Cro Mags
    25. Reign Supreme/Harms Way
    26. Bulldoze/STM/Psycho Enhancer
    27. The World We Knew/Rose Funeral/STM
    28. Hadean Reign
    29. Sworn Enemy
    30. Lionheart/Reign Supreme/With Life in Mind/No Bragging Rights
    31. Merauder/Lionheart
    32. Molotov Solution
    33. Defeater/Touché Amore
    34. Dysphoria/Strength for a Reason/Lifeless/Bottomfeeder
    35. Rock Bottom/STM
    36. Eat the Turnbuckle/STM/Psycho Enhancer
    37. Murder Death Kill/STM/Psycho Enhancer
    38. D.R.I.
    39. Cold World/Dead End Path/Suburban Scum/Expire/Crosscheck
    40. A Ruthless Scene
    41. First Blood/Naysayer/Born From Pain/Paper Trail/Ready to Die
    42. Sheer Terror/Warzone & Friends
    43. First Blood/Naysayer/Born From Pain/Betrayel/Bottomfeeder
    44. Kittie/The Agonist/Blackguard
    45. Strength for a Reason/Lifeless/Existence/Unite Resist
    46. Last Call Brawl/Hatin'Em/The Mahlors
    47. Lifeless/Ready to Die/Vice
    48. Youth/Never Ending Avenue
    49. Wisdom in Chains/Lifeless/STM/Hardside/Ready to Die/Unite Resist/Bottom Line
    50. Death Threat/Palehorse/Line of Scrimmage/Suburban Scum
    51. Stomping Ground/A Ruthless Scene
    52. NJDots/STM
    53. Wrong Answer/Bottom Line
    54. Wretched/King Conquer/STM/Hadean Reign
    55. Faction Zero/OS101/STM/96/Back and Forth/Homecourt
    56. All the Kings Horses/STM/Fortress/As Above, So Below
    57. Modern Day Escape/Dr. Acula/On The Shoulders Of Kings/A Ruthless Scene
    58. Fiona Apple
    59. An Aborted Memory/Existence/STM/The Merciless Concept
    60. Apollo/Youth/STM/Homecourt
    61. Agnostic Front
    62. Agnostic Front/Madball/Murphy's Law/Maximum Penalty
    63. Vision of Disorder
    64. Roger Waters
    65. Mureau/Torn From Within
    66. Lionheart/Thick As Blood/Dead Icons/Nasty/STM
    67. Knuckle Up/Hollow Earth/Vice/Reborn Divided/96
    68. Sand/Numb/Rock Bottom/Ante Up/STM
    69. Johnny Booth/STM/Life Sentence/Before I Had Wings/Crowd Walk/Hard Luck
    70. Beheading Of A King/Failure In Vanity
    71. Slipknot/Slayer/Motorhead/AA/Anthrax/As I Lay Dying
    72. Me Versus I/In This Fight
    73. Within the Ruins/Triggered Impulse/A Ruthless Scene
    74. Earth Crisis/GhostXShip/No Zodiac/Knuckle Up
    75. Fit For An Autopsy/Aegaeon/Hadean Reign
    76. Knuckle Up/Towers/STM/ In Alcatraz 1962/The Merciless Concept
    77. Terror/Earth Crisis/Ringworm/Mindset/Lifeless/Build and Destroy
    78. Cro Mags/Cold World/100 Demons/Death Threat/Harms Way/Power Trip
    79. H2O/Title Fight/Bane/Greyarea/Horror Show/Rival Mob/Skin Like Iron
    80. Nails/War Hungry/Will To Live/Agitator/Face Reality
    81. Soul Search/Rude Awakening/STM
    82. STM/Before I Had Wings/Fortress/As Above, So Below
    83. Doubledealer/Bottomfeeder/Cold Soul
    84. STM/Beyond Dishonor
    85. Terror Ave/Sworn Enemy/Shattered Realm/Billy Club Sandwich/ NRSV/Line Of Scrimmage
    86. Design the Skyline/Amyst
    87. Philm/Molly Rhythm
    88. The Ramblers/Impact Winter
    89. Hatebreed
    90. Rock Bottom/No Second Chance/STM/Crosscheck
    91. No Second Chance/STM
    92. STM/NSC/Get Railed
    93. Your Memorial/Erra/Reborn Divided
    94. King Conquer/Bermuda/A Ruthless Scene/Melrose Ending
    95. Cro Mags/VOD/Wisdom In Chains/One Life Crew/The Casualties/ SFAR/Bottomfeeder
    96. Sick Of It All/ H2O/Agnostic Front/Madball/Lifeless/Backtrack/STM/ Born Low/Not Til Death
    97. Trapped Under Ice/ Wisdom In Chains/Backtrack/Born Low
    98. The Acacia Strain/Cruel Hand/Fit For An Autopsy/No Bragging Rights
    99. Sworn Enemy/Lifeless/Suburban Scum/LAD/STM/Not Til Death/The Merciless Concept/Before I Had Wings
    100. Revocation/A Life Once Lost/Toothgrinder
    101. STM/Crashing Funerals/Redfield
    102. STM/ Menace/Dead Teeth/The Choice Is Yours
    103. Beyond Dishonor
    104. All Else Failed/Dysphoria/Burnside/Rock Bottom/Sawed Off
    105. Bitchslicer/The Kankers
    106. Burial Mound
    107. Wisdom In Chains/Skarhead/Born Low/Living Laser
    108. Trial/Incendiary/Rude Awakening
    109. Cattle Decapitation/Cognitive
    110. My Bitter End
    111. Strife/Down to Nothing/Mother of Mercy/Suburban Scum/Vehement Serenade/Rude Awakening
    112. Rock Bottom/Harvest
    113. Machine Head/All That Remains
    114. I Declare War/Legions/STM
    115. Lifeless/Psycho Enhancer/STM
    116. Wisdom in Chains/Bottomfeeder/Pleasent Living
    117. Shattered Realm/Reign Supreme/Lifeless/STM/Bottomfeeder/RTD/Back and Forth
    118. Dying Fetus/Malignancy/Abacinate/An Aborted Memory
    119. Cro Mags/Sheer Terror

    I'm done for 2012.
  • ...... Posts: 31,548 master of ceremonies
    Great way to end it though, Cro Mags \m/
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