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Official Dexter Thread

WakeOfAshesWakeOfAshes Posts: 21,665 destroyer of motherfuckers
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Thought it deserved its own thread.

So I watched two more episodes now (done with episode 5 season 1) and I find myself profiling people to find out which one might be the ice truck killer. Here is where my thoughts are now:

The killer should be white, male, around the same age as dexter, neat, exact, probably wont fit in as well as dexter does, and should be okay with blood.

1. Deb - There is already one killer in this family, so why wouldnt she be groomed to be one as well? She isnt male, she isnt neat or exact, and really doesnt seem smart enough. She does know dexter and where he lives though. Probability of ice killer? 3%

2. Angel - Right age, okay with blood, wants to be friends with dexter (the ice killer also has a thing for dexter so this is positive), is weird, on the outs with his wife for some reason. He isnt neat, and he is a little too overweight to be that guy. Probability of ice killer? 8%

3. Rita - neat, exact, has a reason to lash back at the world, is in relationship with dexter, is smart. She is a girl, and just dont think she is sadistic enough to be a serial killer. Probability of ice killer? 1%

My current conclusion is that the ice killer must not be introduced as an actual character yet. I waiting for someone minor to pop up... Like if Dexter starts going somewhere regular like the doughnut shop, maybe he will be the regular clerk. Or maybe he will be Rita's new boss... or perhaps Deb will start dating him. Oh I know... He will probably transfer in to be a detective there.

anyways... show is dope! \m/
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