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BrianBrian Posts: 17,611 destroyer of motherfuckers
edited October 2011 in Off Topic
Yo what up homies, I figured that if E-Petey finna talk shit he best be prepared for some mad flows. Quality could be better but fuck you, I do what I want.

Episodes 1 Through 94 Were The Only Ones Worth Watching by Hater Insect Scum


A new up and comer by the name of E-Petey
It’s his time to shine all because he is needy
So desperate for attention he keeps changing his game
Refusing to believe he has himself to blame
For the shit he must deal with, how he’s treated by others
His last resort’s to try and fit in with the brothers
Shock value on his wrist, well upper arm in ink foo
To remember to ask “What would T The C do?”
Looking for a father figure, raise your expectations
Find someone who’s Twitter ain’t your source for masturbation
Finding common ground with him cuz he has daddy issues
So does every other nigger, look the fuck around you
But that’s alright now cuz you gun rap an shit
Finna tell us you gun make it every time you spit, well shit
If you flip out at negative criticism
You’re gonna blow your head off when the mainstream shows some cynicism
Wah, you aren’t liked by a forum
Paragraphs of doom even though you claim to ignore them
Good thing your rappin buddies are more accepting than we are
You post your tattoo there and they all laughed at how dumb you are
Yeah I rhymed “are” with “are”, no need to flip me the bird
It’s my time, I’m gonna make it, now it’s up to your standards
Put away the BB gun I’m super scared of defeat
Last thing I want is you to say my name over someone else’s beat
Or call me a faggot
Move on to your life calling, go to Jewel and start bagging
All the other tards are doing it, so why can’t you
But they’re on a higher level, sadly it is true
Because even special ed is more useful than homeschool
At least they have a social life, albeit with more drool
Living in your bedroom, working out and rappin
Recipe for success, soon the world will be clappin
You and Mikey D legit, signed to a mo fuckin label
Though your checks are probably written on the back of Campbell’s
Yo yo swag, chicken noodle delight
Surely some dude with a microphone will get your name in lights
But hey, fuck haters, get the fuck off this dick
Though it supposedly feels good when they’re riding it
Keep kissing your idol’s ass, at the thought you just pucker
Flow us how you gonna anally DESTROY the motherfucker
So you’re saying you’re an episode, well I'm the fucking network.
Sorry, gotta cancel you cuz I just found your net worth’s fucking nothing.


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