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A collection of my latest flows. (LOUD ADDED.)

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So, I've gotten lots of Music done in my absence, as well as some other big news, I have a producer now, Rap name is Flows (Given to me, simple and effective, I like it.) this dude is talking to his booking agency about me to try and get me some shows, etc. Was gonna do a collab album with this other Rapper Fenix, but he backed out to do his solo album. Anyways, here they are.

First completely original song (My beat, hook, etc.)

Cast The Curse. by ErikBehemoth1357

Collab with my Cousin.

AssMilk Flow. (Erik And Mikey Dolla.) by ErikBehemoth1357

Short 16 bars written and recorded while I was blasted out of my mind lolz.

I'm On One Flow. by ErikBehemoth1357

Also written while high.

Black Magic Flow. by ErikBehemoth1357

Donald Trump Flow. by ErikBehemoth1357

Collab I did with 2 other Rappers to a beat this producer (Not mine.) made for us that samples Adele's "Chasing Pavements.".

Chasing Pavements. (Low Key, The Truth, Flows.) by ErikBehemoth1357

Newest one, recorded this today, collab with another local Rapper, Hood MVP.

Flows - Trouble On My Mind (Feat. Hood MVP.) by ErikBehemoth1357

First song I've done with my producer, he made this beat for me. Samples Cirque Du Soleil.
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