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I am bored so

mrAPEmrAPE Posts: 39,447 moneytalker
edited June 2011 in Mayhem Fest
If you can guess the exact number of songs on my iPhone ( iPhone only iPod not included) i will buy and have shipped to you a copy of the new black dahlia murder cd. I have 1700 on the iPod. This is an iPhone 4 16 gig.

It's not expensive. I'll be very surprised if anyone gets it but if you do this is legit. And it is as of right now and not in the future because I could add to it at any time. For proof I'll take a picture of the phone with the number and post it after it is done.

You get 1 guess. That is it. I'll end it at 12 am tomorrow so just under 24 hours.

1 person can win in the case that two people get it right I will take whoever said it first
You tryin to be a hero fool? You wanna see badass mother fucker?! I'll show ya a badass!!!


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