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Perhaps a new system is in order

MikeMike Posts: 7,820 admin
edited April 2011 in Off Topic
We’ve had enough explaining of recent events, so I’m going to try to avoid doing that in this thread.

To start with, Tim has agreed to come back, and bring back all the features that he took with him when he left. Several people, mostly the ones that were the most outspoken about him, have made their apologies for their accusations.

The main thing we have learned from this shitstorm is that when stuff is left unclear, people speculate. We are going to rebuild this forum and we are going to get that right this time, and put real effort into making sure that the forum as a whole knows what we’re up to.

We’re going to split the forum’s structure into two distinct parts: Admins and Moderators.

Admins will be responsible for the technical maintenance of the forums, and for preserving the overall “feel” and "direction" for the forums. Admins will usually not be involved with banning or actual day-to-day moderation.

Admins: Tim and I.

Moderators will have the task of enforcing the forum rules and will also manage forum spam and user approvals. They will be able to act as an autonomous unit, making moderation decisions amongst themselves without involving the admins, as long as their actions follow the forum rules.

Moderators: We have heard your comments with regard to the fact that the current moderating process is broken. We agree. We’re currently talking about how best to fix it (whether it be a vote, or just changing to some new people, or something else). More will be said on this subject in the near future, but rest assured that you’ve been heard.
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