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Most liked forum member tournament(George WON)

Razor_SharkRazor_Shark Posts: 12,604 balls deep
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Leah(5) vs Mike(10)
Rex(1) vs George(9)
Bianca(6) vs Distance(10)
Erik(6) vs Chew(10)
Katia(5) vs CF(10)
BG(6) vs Skullfuck(10)
Adam(9) vs Laurjohn(5)
Judy(0) vs Britt(6)
Beavis(2) vs Gulch(10)
Primus(7) vs Travis Bickle(5)
Jay(8) vs BT(3)
Jorm(1) vs Dayna(6)
Stabler(6) vs Will(7)
Primal(10) vs Marcus(2)
Illuminatis(0) vs Razor(6)
Berto(5) vs Nola(10)

This is pretty much using the least liked bracket and using the first round losers to make a whole new tournament, so if you aren't on here, try being liked more.

Rules: First to ten points wins, 6-0 is a shutout, if a match is more than 6 points apart, it will end early.

I will edit the first post as the tournament progresses so everyone can stay informed.

Round 2 Matchups
Mike(0) vs George(6)
Distance(6) vs Chew(0)
Chicken Fucker(7) vs SkullAndCrossbones(1)
Adam(0) vs Britt(6)
Gulch(9) vs Primus(10)
Jay(10) vs Dayna(8)
Will(6) vs Primal(0)
Razor(9) vs Nola(3)

Quarter Final Matchups
George(10) vs Distance(9)
Chicken Fucker(4) vs Britt(10)
Primus(9) vs Jay(10)
Will(3) vs Razor(9)

Semi-Final Matchups
George(10) vs Britt(7)
Jay(9) vs Razor(10)

Final Battle
George(10) vs Jay(7)
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