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Official Rules

MikeMike Posts: 7,820 admin
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When I began this forum, I didn’t want there to be many rules. I still want to keep it that way, I just need to clarify some things.

Rule 1

Firstly, do not post child pornography. Absolutely no child pornography is allowed. If you’re not sure the person in the picture is above the age of 18, don’t post it. It’s as simple as that. From this point on, the posting of CP will result in a permaban.

Rule 2

Secondly, please do not go to my Facebook wall asking me what’s wrong with the forum. I typically don’t know what is wrong with the forum, as it’s usually Vanilla taking care of it. I mainly use Facebook to communicate with people in my personal life, and I don’t want posts all over my wall about the forum being down. If the forum is down, please check Vanilla's twitter, This rule also applies to asking me to approve people for the forum. Thanks.

Rule 3

At least TRY to be respectful to each other. While everyone loves watching a good e-fight, it gets annoying and makes our forum unattractive to new users. Also, if a new user doesn't understand a certain feature on the forum, you don’t have to yell at them. Politely explain to them how it works, and even offer to PM them if they need further assistance.

Rule 4

There has been an increase in the amount of forumer-to-forumer hateful posting. This is not the kind of community we want to build, so this behaviour will not be tolerated. To be clear, the intent is not to force people talk to people they dislike, not to force anyone to back down from being called out. This change simply enforces the commonly held belief that even people who disagree on important topics can co-exist, albeit silently if need be.

The kind of things that will get you into hot water are:
- direct racism that cannot be explained as sarcasm by both sides
- direct, unprovoked personal attacks on the character of another forumer

A 30 day ban from the forums will be assessed immediately to any poster that violates this rule. After the 30 days are up, the ban will be lifted. If this behaviour is repeated thereafter, a new ban will be placed. This ban will not be removed.

Rule 5

There will be no banning for stupid reasons. In the case of spamming, I feel the ban should only be a week or two. This forum has spam control, so it isn't that big of a deal. As for CP, as stated earlier, it will be a permaban. However, if an administrator really feels a user should be banned for something else, they can PM the other admins and discuss it there.

Rule 6

Attempting to evade a ban, either via proxy, by creating new accounts, or by using the existing account of another member is against the rules. In the case of a temporary ban, this will result in a permanent ban being applied in its place.

Rule 7

Any mod that unbans a permban without Admin approval will lose their powers.

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