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Trephination-Britt's Metal Show-Tuesdays 11pm-12am.

KridesBrideBrittKridesBrideBritt Posts: 25,781 jayfacer
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Starting tonight, I shall be on the airwaves again with my own metal show, Trephination. For those of you that haven't read in the other thread, my show is

Tuesdays 11pm-12am EST

You can listen here:

The request line: 732-932-8800

The station's program guide can be found here:

So, yeah. If you are awake, you bitches better listen.

EDIT 1/16/12-I will be on the same night, but only one hour...11pm-12am.
kristianPhotobucketPhotobucket Trephination-Tuesday Nights/Wednesday Mornings...11pm-1am-
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