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Ozzy is the Devil or his music is....

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SOLON, Ohio —
Ozzy Osbourne is considered the mad man of rock-and-roll, and a Portage County man claims the rocker's music drove him mad on Christmas Eve.

Solon police say after 33-year-old William Liston, of Aurora, was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence, he told the officer quote, "Ozzy Osbourne and his music made me do it."

Frank Klarich, of Newbury, was driving through Solon when he came across Liston.

"A lady came up to us and said there was a driver ahead of her that was driving erratic, so we told her to get back in her car and we followed him...called 911," said Klarich.

As Liston drove erratically on Route 91, and then 422, Klarich relayed his movements to police.

"He was all over the road, bouncing from curb to curb. After he saw we were following him, that's when he accelerated and went ahead of us," Klarich told Fox 8 News.

Solon police say at one point, Liston ran an SUV off the road. The driver was not hurt.

Eventually police were able to catch up with Liston and charged him with OVI, hit-and-run and failure to control.

Witnesses are amazed that no one was hurt. "His head was bouncing around and he was losing consciousness the whole time he was driving," said Klarich.

Police say they found a bottle containing four different kinds of prescription pills in Liston's pocket, and those who saw him on the road that night believe the drugs are more to blame than Ozzy Osbourne.

"Just a poor excuse, you know...that's all," said Klarich.

Police say this is Liston's second drunk driving arrest in six years. He had a prior conviction for the crime back in 2005.

*** Ohio has no current driving on a cellphone law...yet it is up for consideration. It is however a fact that the caller admits to...the drivers behavior was affected by the fact he was being followed...and thats when he sped up.
this is the problem with Joe Citizen trying to be`s fucking dangerous***

I blame the tire company who made the tires for the guys car....without those...this NEVER would have happened,0,118815.story


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