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Best Buy clerk busted in gift card scam

Alec29Alec29 Posts: 3,864 juggalo
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At least three people who received Best Buy gift cards for Christmas might soon realize they are not worth a dime.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports that a clerk at a Best Buy Store in Valparaiso, Indiana actived gift cards for clients, pocketed them, and then supplied customers with worthless cards.

Valparaiso Police say that the cashier stole the cards during a holiday promotion which started on December 17th. The promotion supplied free $50 gift cards to people who bought a PlayStation 3 video game console.

It appears the 19-year-old cashier, who confessed to authorities about the crime, used at least three $50 gift cards to purchase DVDs, CD's and snacks at the store located on Silhavy Road.

Police say a manager at the store discovered what the cashier was doing thanks to their computer system, which tracks gift card sales.

So far, no charges have been filed against the woman, but she was issued a trespassing warning, and is no longer allowed to enter the store.



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