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stay away Rexxx thread :/

Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 34,915 jayfacer
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I used to go to my friend's house and sit around and drink a couple of beerz with himz... well his elderly mother moved in with him shez like in her 70's or sompinz anywayz she dont like us drinkinz beerz around her and she most of all iz a prude and y00z cant say certain cuz wordz that offend her so ummz like fukk itz I aint goin over ther anymore cuz i hate people that are offended by wordz seriously... so itza been a couple of weeks since ive been over ther... anyways my friend calls me up sayaz why havent y00z been over and I tell him because himz mom iza douchebag... anyways cool story iznt it braz?


blue turbins

From Those Fishes - I Fingered An Old Bitch (i got Aids on my finger)

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