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The Official Album Review Thread.

EpisodeEpisode Posts: 32,049 destroyer of motherfuckers
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There isn't a thread like this already, is there? If so, well then fuck me I failed.

Anyways, I'll start it off by reviewing Bring Me The Horizon's "There Is A Hell...Believe Me, I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven...Let's Keep It A Secret." since I haven;t done an album review in forever, and since it's my album of the year. Plus, I'm extremely bored lol.

Bring Me The Horizon - There Is A Hell...Believe Me, I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven...Let's Keep It A Secret. :

Well where to start. The epic album name of course, but the album Musically is so much better than the name. Which to be honest, I didn't expect before I heard this album.

Off the bat, this is one of the most emotional albums I've ever heard. Or at least, in a while. I don't mean emotional as "Emo I hate my life /wrists.", but literally emotional, every single song spews pure pain, anger, loss, among other things. Every song is very emotional and powerful, but in very different ways. With songs like Crucify Me being very angry, yet sad at the same time, both lyrically and musically, extremely heavy, but very melodic as well. Anthem is just uplifting, and, for me at least, a feel good song, it feels so amazing every time to scream the chorus. It Never Ends is powerful for me, and just as the title and lyrics suggest, it never ends, just when you think you're fine, everything is fucked. Fuck is the fun song on the album I guess, quite frankly just about fucking like an animal lol. The ending is very melodic and soothing and I think it flows perfectly. Don't Go....very easily the most emotional song on the album, extremely powerful song. You can quite literally hear the pain and torture in his voice. Some could say it's just another break up "don't leave me" song, but it's much more powerful then that to me, hits me on a personal level, and at the same time, makes me feel bad for Oli, whoever it's about and whatever happened. You can tell it genuinely killed him just through the Music. Home Sweet Hole is one of the really pissed off songs on the album. The chorus is just fun as hell, and the spoken part in the middle is just epic. Alligator Blood is the one of the songs on here, along with Blacklist, that just spews anger and hatred and it's just undeniably heavy. Hits me like a ton of bricks and it feels fucking amazing. Visions is another song that's very melodic on the album, and the overall "feel good" song of the album, something about the lyrics and Music put me in a pumped up, yet happy mood. Blacklist....oohhh shit. Biggest "Fuck you" song I've ever heard. Just absolute hatred in Oli's voice, it's about their old Guitarist, Curtis, and you can tell he just wants to murder that motherfucker. Exactly how I feel about certain individuals, so it hits me on a personal level as well. Memorial.....ehh. REALLY just seems like a filler instrumental. It gave off a very depressing and mournful vibe, but it was Blessed With A Curse, extremely emotional and powerful, right up there with Don't Go. As I stated earlier, almost gave me tears just because the overall feel of the Music really hit me. Beautiful Music and vibe that it gives off, also has some of my favorite lyrics on the album "Everything I touch turns to stone, so wrap your arms around me, and leave me on my own.". Ends with The Fox And The Wolf, and's really heavy and had potential, but it's only like 103 seconds, so it also seemed like somewhat of a filler. But either way, as I just explained for each song, the entire album is just extremely emotional and powerful in some way, and it really hits me, and I love that more than anything. To be honest, that takes more talent then even the most flawless Musicianship.

Onto the Music, track by track.

One thing to mention, is literally every song has parts or specific lyrics that are just fucking fun to memorize and scream. Oli has genius lyrics on this album overall anyways.

Crucify Me: Easily the most mezmerizing song on the album. Starts off with a distant sounding acoustic Guitar, which sounds absolutely beautiful, then comes in full force, still maintaining it's melody, but becoming very heavy. This particular song has some of Oli's best Vocals I've ever heard, as far as heaviness. It has a haunting quality to it in this song, especially when he screams "I am an ocean, I am the sea, there is a world inside of me.". When the choir kicks in singing "There is a Hell believe me I've seen it, there is a Heaven, let's keep it a secret.", along with the keyboards, it's just absolutely eerie and gives me chills, it's so amazing. The part where the Music stops and Oli screams and chants "Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your full, undivided attention, there's something you all REALLY need to know!" leading into the breakdown with the choir is just fucking mindblowing. It ends with a beautiful acoustic part sung by Lights. 10/10

Anthem: Not as much to this song musically, just extremely heavy, and the chorus is fun as all hell to just scream your head off to: "This is an Anthem! SO FUCKING SING! A dedication! TO THE END OF EVERYTHING!". That alone makes the song amazing to me. Call me easily impressed. Ha. 10/10

It Never Ends: When I first heard this, I called it my song of the year, and while it's still just as amazing, I don't think I can fairly say that anymore, it's just as amazing as every other song on the album. But it does have the best chorus on the album. Both choruses actually, since there's 2. The breakdown is just fucking insane too. THIS IS A WAR! AND I'M LOSING THE BATTLE! 10/10

Fuck: Just a fun fucking song to scream. I love the guest clean vocals, they really fit in perfectly, and the riffs are some of the best on the album. Just literally about fucking like an animal all night 'til the sun comes up lol.



Don't Go: Pretty much said everything I had to about this song above. Just a beautiful and extremely powerful song. Simply amazing. 10/10

Home Sweet Hole: As I already said, just a very fun song, love the chorus and breakdown. Love the spoken part in the middle "The roof is crashing down, the walls are caving in, we discover all your stories are just works of....fiction. The roof is crashing down, the truth is spilling out...", it just delivers in such an epic way that I can't even explain. 10/10


Fucking relentless song. Just non-stop heaviness and (I hate using the word in a serious matter lol.) brutality. Just absolutely fucking crushing and angry and hateful. Pumps me up and makes me want to destroy everything. Has the best riffs on the album no doubt about it. LET'S PLAY A GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE! I'LL LOAD THE GUN! YOU PLACE THE BETS! 10/10

Visions: As I said earlier, one of the songs on the album that's just...a feel good song. Something about the feel and vibe of the song make me just really happy. I like the lyrics a lot too. "I know a place that we can get away from all of this. I've been dreaming of us leaving everything and everyone we've ever known. I've been thinking all these visions must be a sign, so hold on and don't let go. No, we can't leave till you tell me everything." That line just makes me really happy when I hear it being screamed in the song. 10/10

Blacklist: PURE. FUCKING. HATRED. Heaviest song on the album next to Alligator Blood. Definitely more pissed off and hateful though. Makes me want to just brutally kill someone. Oli's voice is just filled with hate in this song. Brutal lyrics too. "It just filled me with venom, filled me with rage. To see someone not give a shit. Despite of all of this, I won't see you around, I couldn't give a fuck, I'd rather slit my wrists than keep in touch.". 10/10

Memorial: Just a filler instrumental IMO. Depressing tone to it. 7/10

Blessed With A Curse: As I said, some of my favorite lyrics on the album. Extremely beautiful song. Said everything I hat to about it above, though. 10/10

The Fox And The Wolf: Extremely heavy, with potential, but too short, and seemed like another filler to end the album with. 7/10

Final score: 11/10

This album just blew my expectations out of the water, and showed me an entire new dimension of Music. My album of the year without a doubt. I must've listened to it 20+ times already in it's entirety. Nothing this year compares. It's unique and very experimental. More unique then anything I've heard in the longest time. It's not just another Metalcore album. It's absolute perfection and it sets the bar for all Metalcore bands to follow. I know I'll expect a lot more out of an album for it to impress so heavily after hearing this album.



  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I will listen to this album, then tell you what I think of it. It sounds absolutely atrocious.
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  • That_Guy_ArloThat_Guy_Arlo Posts: 14,026 master of ceremonies
  • EpisodeEpisode Posts: 32,049 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Not trolling in the slightest.
  • Ace_Deputy_CheezeAce_Deputy_Cheeze Posts: 14,732 jayfacer
    Id rather listen to Yoko Ono
    than this "amazing" album w/ "flawless" musicianship.
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  • That_Guy_ArloThat_Guy_Arlo Posts: 14,026 master of ceremonies
  • BrianBrian Posts: 17,611 destroyer of motherfuckers
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    Didn't gulch already make a thread like this?

    I'm tempted to go to bb after I'm done eating here at ihop to get the bmth album, to see how bad it really is.
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Didn't gulch already make a thread like this?

    I'm tempted to go to bb after I'm done eating here at ihop to get the bmth album, to see how bad it really is.
    Just download it. Please don't give them any money, especially not in the first week of sales.
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  • BrianBrian Posts: 17,611 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Yeah...I would never pay for that shit
  • cannibiscorpsecannibiscorpse Posts: 5,577 salt miner
    So it's on par with Death Magnetic then eh? Well then it must be pretty bad.
  • SGNL_05SGNL_05 Posts: 3,501 just the tip
    Lol of course hed do this..

    Well i guess i review an album worth reviewing...unlike that BMTH shit..

    The album is....Fuck off And Listen to real music.

    Songs - All of them are brutal and kvlt as fuck.

    Overall Rating 10/10

  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I'm gonna listen to this Darkspace album then this BMTH album.
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  • SantanaSantana Posts: 16,743 juggalo
    Why do you capitalize music and musicianship?
  • BrianBrian Posts: 17,611 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Why do you capitalize music and musicianship?
    Why shouldn't he? You english Nerd.
  • cannibiscorpsecannibiscorpse Posts: 5,577 salt miner
    English is a horrible language.
  • AdamAdam Posts: 11,533 balls deep
    still haven't heard this album.
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I am beginning a foray into new Bring Me The Horizon. A band who in their earlier career not only made me regurgitate meals that I couldn't remember I had, but occasionally made me wish I was deaf. An absolute assault (in a negative way, mind you) on the senses.

    Before I actually listen to the album though, I'd like to get a few things out of the way. I'm coming at this with the belief that they are a whole new band. Mankvill, for those who don't know him, is a member of the metalsetlist forums, proudly stamped this album with a 7.5/10. Whether he was trolling or not, that's irrelevant. However, since then, many have said this band sounds like they are new, and since this is to be one of the many weekends where I have to forfeit my social life to apply to college, I'll waste some time and listen to the new album. It's actually a good sign to see that this album is 52 minutes long, meaning that the band is either satisfied with their songwriting abilities to the point where they can have an album that long, or they're just filling a ton of time. I'm willing to bet it's the former. Good for them. Well, let's jump in to this...

    Crucify Me - Supposedly the "most mezmerizing (sic) song on the album," starts off with a weird ambient tone, then jumps into a single-chord dominated verse. Sykes sounds the exact same here as he always does, but the guitars are a little bit more varied. That's not to say that they've given up their breakdown tendencies, they certainly haven't done that in this song. I give them credit for changing things up, but changing things from terrible to bad isn't really something mindblowing. Also, they have all these weird (no not in a good way) electronic themes going on here. It's a real buzzkill to have a vocodered chick saying the album title a few times about two minutes into the album. C'mon guys, you're better than this. Towards the end, the song gets incredibly unfocused and lazy, but then breaks into the Lights cameo, which is fairly well placed. I could have done without the choir in the background though. I've always thought that your opener has to set the tone for your album, and I feel like this song did not do a good job. 3/10.

    Anthem: This is the BMTH that I remember. Usually people say that in a good way, but I certainly don't. A lack of melody on all parts here, and they adopt an Architects esque sort of tone for the guitars here. I can tell you that fans of that will love this, but for those looking for substance will be disappointed. At this point though, it's becoming incredibly clear that Sykes has an extremely non-dynamic voice. I feel as though this vocal performance is the same as everything they've done. They use a lot of the "Get the fuck up" things that a lot of core bands do during heavy parts. It's quite nonsensical to have to tell your fans what to do during your music. I also feel as though there's a lot of filler in this song. At least 20% could have been cut out for a more straightforward track. I disagree with the contention that this song is "extremely heavy." It's mainly tied together by the same pretty lightweight chord, except they tie it together with a really heavy breakdown towards the end. That outro is completely unnecessary too. C'mon, I know you're trying to create ambiance, but there are better ways to do it. 1/10

    It Never Ends: Kerrang called this song their best song ever, and it certainly starts a strange way. Synths are used quite a bit, but then they do this weird out of place Gojira-esque riff then leave it behind, I would have liked them to play that out a bit. I'm really unsatisfied with their attempts to create atmosphere with choirs and synths, because it's not really satisfying to the listener. I like those elements as much as the next guy, but it's sounding pretty lame. A lot of studio magic takes place here too, which is really annoying. They come back to that Gojira-esque riff later, but don't really bring it out to its potential and turn it into another drop D breakdown. The whole thing seems to come together like some Jello without a plastic cup, it just doesn't form the way it was intended to. To continue with the analogy, there's no real way to digest it, it's just sort of a mess on your table and then in your fridge. As I write this, I desire something more varied and tasteful, like a Nestle Drumstick from Norway or something. This song leaves a ton to be desired. 4.5/10

    Fuck: Don't get me started. An embarrassment to any album. A song that lacks any focus, a joke of a song. I know it's cool to not take yourself seriously, but BMTH don't try and be a joke band. Nothing compelling about this song. They bring back that Architects tone, and try and put some harmonics and bends in there to seem dynamic, but it is in no way adding to the song. It's tough to get through this song. Also, I'd like to get this off of my chest, and it's sort of ruining to this review, but it's fucking stupid to have an acoustic break (I'm not sure if it's an acoustic actually, but a clean break nonetheless) in a song called Fuck. You can't get my attention (in a serious nature) as a listener that way. Whoever did those clean vox did an adequate job, but seriously, write a fucking song. 0/10

    Don't Go: Not to beat a dead horse, but following up the song Fuck with an attempt at serious lyrical matter is completely backwards. Again though, they bring out this violin and soften up the vibe a bit, which is good after a supposed peak of the album. But then Sykes comes in and ruins the feel. They should have stuck with it for a little bit more, bring in a crescendo then have him speak the words as opposed to awkwardly shouting them. The most important part to any ballad, even though I'm not sure you can call it this, is to convey emotion through a vocal performance, and I feel that Sykes doesn't really succeed here. The performance is interchangeable throughout. Female vocals tend to be a theme amongst their music, and I don't really know why, I don't see the appeal, although the song would have been a bit better with it being featured more. Seriously though, this is probably the best song on the album, but in no way is to be commended. 5/10

    Home Sweet Home: After reading Erik's review, I was quite excited to hear this song, because apparently it has an "epic" delivery. They start it off somewhat well, I'm actually somewhat surprised to hear a riff(ish) in this album. Sykes again has a very forgettable performance here. I don't see the emotion that he supposedly has in his voice, it's really quite monotonous. They bring back this Architects tone again, which I feel like I'll have to get used to, and they bring back those bends all the time here. They're clearly going for a djenty feel here, good going Periphery, you made djent find its way into metalcore, I'm proud of you. I'm not even kidding, there's clearly a Periphery influence in this song, and I didn't think I'd have to say that in this review. That "epic" delivery I was expecting was no more than the 16th 10 second clean break in this album so far, with the line above being stated. I don't really have much more to say than that. I was expecting something more. 4/10
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    Alligator Blood: Erik wasn't kidding when he said this song was relentless. It really is so far the most characteristic song in this album. I consider it to be really repetitive, and with Sykes delivering his umpteenth lame vocal performance, I couldn't get into this song. They work around this pretty cool (scratch that, I meant interesting) tone most of the time, which I feel like I heard on a recent Hour of Penance record. Not to say that this song is death-metaly at all, they still keep their metalcore basis here, but that tone was the first time I've actually been somewhat intrigued by a song of theirs. It was a weird feeling. This also is the first time Sykes brings in the deeper vocals, which however lame they were, was refreshing. Still pretty frustrating to hear the word "fuck" all the time. It makes all these kids go crazy, but I'm not entertained. It seems like kids will think anything is catchy if more than three people chant it in a studio. 5/10

    Visions: Architects tone is eeeeevvverrrywhere on this song. If there's a filler track on this album, this is for sure it. They're reusing a few of the riffs they were using earlier in the album, and with Sykes' vocals nearly putting me to sleep, this song is incredibly forgettable. Just overall a lame song. It would have fit in on an Architects record though, and that breakdown at the end leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know how this made the cut. 3/10

    Blacklist: Now, a song that a previous reviewer has said is filled with "PURE. FUCKING. HATRED," and makes note of Sykes' vocals sounding "filled with hate," has to have a variance in his vocal performance. It just has to. They start with a total bro sounding riff, that almost is Hatebreed-esque. I'm not a fan, but it's really weird. But then they do something I wouldn't expect, they stick with it. The first minute is filled with this same chord. I'm looking for some hatred. Now, I have to say, Sykes does some different stuff here, but nothing really of note. Just the same vocal performance. I don't know where the "hate" is in this song. More of the same. 2/10

    Memorial: Right off the bat, this is a bad choice. An attempted change of mood, and I can appreciate that, but this is just bad. They attempt to get this ambient tone, and it's really something detrimental. This track shouldn't be on the album. I went over my character limit for this? Ick. 2/10

    Blessed With a Curse: After the first minute, I wonder why they didn't just combine this with the last track. Two failed attempts at ambiance. But then you hear that dreadful voice again destroy that poor ambiance and now it's just awkward. I mean, this is like saying I'm an Atheist at your Barmitzvah. It's just weird. Sure, there's a solo, a rarity for this band, but it's something I expect a novice to play. Unless there are the most profound lyrics I have ever heard in this track, and trust me they aren't, this is dead weight. 2/10

    Fox and the Wolf: I'm getting tired of writing this review, and it sounds like Bring Me The Horizon is tired of writing this album. Ending with a 1:43 long track is daring, but could be pulled off with an extremely focused, well written and excitement provoking track. BMTH fail to succeed here. The song lacks an intro, which would have gained it a whole point in score, primarily because just starting on a random riff is a detriment to the album's flow. Just a mess. This is the musical equivalent of a 13 year old's room or California's government. Yeah, I know, my political humor is just as good as Bring Me The Horizon. 1/10.

    Wow. I did it. I honestly thought I'd be walking into a minefield and just be dead at the end, but that's not the case. I have some good news. This album is a change. Bring Me The Horizon went from being an absolutely dreadful deathcore band, but have evolved into a bad metalcore band. In the same way that Job For A Cowboy went from being a bad deathcore band, to being a bad death metal band. Better, but not good, although that's not to say deathcore is inherently worse than metalcore. In the end though, this album is a mess of musicianship. Riffs that self-cannibalize eachother, a confusing yet still nausea-inducing tone makes me wonder how long it took for this album to be written. Sykes' vocals destroy what would otherwise make just a poor effort, but his inability to be dynamic in style, sound or anything make his performance lackluster. His weird vocal fry is the textbook definition of how not to be a vocalist. I would look up some lyrics and see if they are at all cathartic to this mess of an album, but even if Sykes knocked them out of the park like some claim, the album would still yield a bad score. If you made it this far, I'm happy for you, and the cake is a lie, and you just lost the game.

    2.95/10. Their best album yet.
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  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Some say I'm long-winded.

    I agree with them.
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  • StratophonyStratophony Posts: 9,212 just the tip
    to be fair... every single (new) piece of music this nigga Erik listens to is the BEST OF THE YEAR.

    its not strange that, in reality; it all really..... REALLY sucks
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