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Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 69,269 spicy boy
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how old was everyone?

i was at a crucial age...i had been in 8th grade for about 2 weeks, i was 13 and was at the premium age for remembering everything that happened to a tea that day....i was in math class...and on oct.2 3 weeks later the person i was the closest to ever in my great grandma...died...and becuase i knew she was going to die i ignored her cause i didn't know then as i don't know then as i don't know know now to deal with death...9/11 is a defining moment of sadness from that day to 6 weeks that i have never felt or never hope to feel ever again....that was a hell of a time to be in high school or junior high at...god bless america


  • OPPOPP Posts: 50,132 spicy boy
    Just starting 5th grade.

    I woke up to my parents saying "get out of bed, Alex... this is history." I remember earlier that year (or the year before), some guy was parachuting and got stuck on the flame of teh statue of liberty, so I thought this was another accident like that.
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  • HOODSHOODS Posts: 41,866 destroyer of motherfuckers
    i was 17 in the 11th grade. i remember walking into match class and they had the news coverage on the tv in the room. the teacher told us a plane accidentally hit one of the twin towers. then a few seconds later, i saw the 2nd plane on live tv with all my classmates hit the 2nd tower. we watched for like ten mins, then they made an announcment that school was being let out early and by the time i walked home both buildings had collapsed. i didnt realize how devastating it was and all the lives lost untill later that night when i watched it on the news and saw video of the people jumping and the death totals. it was unreal and still is a shock. what a horrible day and tragedy for the US. i hope all those whos passed rest in peace. they will always be remembered.
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 69,269 spicy boy
    we had to go threw the rest of the day of say 12-20 was the key age of youth for what happened that day
  • Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
    i was in guitar class 16 yrs old. i was wondering why everyone was crowded around the tv. And saw smoke at one of the towers, still wondering what happened exactly (as it just said 'plane crashes into wtc', then i saw a replay of the second plane crash. i think i saw one or both of the towers callapse during my next class
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 69,269 spicy boy
    ill never forget my teacher turning it on cause she heard something happened by accident and then minutes after the tv got turned on the second plane hit and everyones jaw hit the floor
    I was in 4th grade i believe
  • n0r3macn0r3mac Posts: 635 salt miner
  • StratophonyStratophony Posts: 9,212 just the tip
    10th grade (Biology was my first class that day).... but i saw the 2nd tower fall live after i had taken my younger sister to the school bus.
  • SantanaSantana Posts: 16,743 juggalo
    3rd grade. I remember sitting in my trailer at school at my desk. I think the tv was on for a little while but they turned it off. Some kids had to leave because their parents worked at the pentagon. My teacher's husband worked at the pentagon. All I really remember is the teacher saying there's no outside recess today. I didn't really understand why though. I remember going home and seeing some of the coverage there and that's about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims....
  • 1DisturbedMthrFckr1DisturbedMthrFckr Posts: 1,027 juggalo
    I was in 8th grade, English class when I found out. Our teacher turned on the TV to see what was going on, then immediately turned it off, so as to not alarm anyone. My mother picked my brother and I up from school early that day. We all saw the Towers fall on TV, together. It was a very sobering experience. Even if just for that day, The United States was one. We put aside our selfishness and greed, to help one another in our darkest, most tragic hour. My thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected...9 years ago...Hard to believe...
  • PrimalScream31PrimalScream31 Posts: 3,544 mod

    I was 26 years old. I was sitting in a Junction Box in the median of this busy intersection pulling wire for the traffic lights when some old man pulls up next to me and says " I think you and your crew should go turn on the radio".

    We all went over to the work trucks and sat there for hours listening. We sat there until lunch time, some guys called home and others just listened.

    We had Hundreds of yards of wire laying on the ground that obviously was not getting pulled in the holes that day. We pack up which took about an hour then we all went back to the shop and we knocked off early. I didn't see the TV footage of it until around 4pm that day.

    I'll never forget where I was on 9-11.

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  • laurjohn2laurjohn2 Posts: 6,951 balls deep
    28 working at onebeacon insruance in Foxboro. I was on the phone when i found out with my forner boss
  • EpisodeEpisode Posts: 32,049 destroyer of motherfuckers
    It was my first year of Kindergarten, I believe. Lol. Shit, time flies.
  • rammstein516rammstein516 Posts: 3,720 juggalo
    I was in 3rd grade. I can remember not knowing what exactly was going on but then later found out that the school didn't tell the kids what was going on because they didn't want the older kids trying to scare the younger kids. I found out exactly what happened when I got home and saw the footage on the news.
  • KridesBrideBrittKridesBrideBritt Posts: 25,781 jayfacer
    I was 13 in 7th grade. I was in 1st period English. I remember not finding out till 3rd period when I went to a class that the teacher was glued to the tv. A lot of parents came in and pulled their kids out of school. My dad wanted to go to NYC today.
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  • ZmbieFlavrdCupcakesZmbieFlavrdCupcakes Posts: 32,259 jayfacer
    i miss my sisters :(
  • GazorpazorpfieldGazorpazorpfield Posts: 22,293 master of ceremonies
    I was in third grade, other kids said that their teacher turned on the tv and class just sat there and kept going like nothing happened...At the end of the day when we were leaving school, this girl rode up on her bike, which I for some reason remember had gold colored pegs..She said "Some crazy people are mad at us because we stole their plane" and just kept rambling on...Then I walked home and thought the bitch was crazy. My mom was crying and watching it on TV...that's when I knew it was serious. Later that day, or maybe the next day we were in line at the gas station because everyone was getting gas.
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  • balanced_void91balanced_void91 Posts: 2,782 balls deep
    I was in fourth grade sitting at Christian school and the teacher was watching this and crying, I truly had no idea what was going on until I went home and y mom explained everything to me, it was kind of a WOW 0_0 moment
  • BrianBrian Posts: 17,611 destroyer of motherfuckers
    I was in 2nd condolences to everyone here and elsewhere who were truly affected by this tragedy. I know we were all affected in a way, but people whose loved ones were thoughts are with you.
  • ComptonAssBertoComptonAssBerto Posts: 3,899 just the tip
    3rd grade in Nebraska. We got released like five minutes early but didn't know why. I don't even remember how I found out about what happened.
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