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Mayhem Fantasy Football.

PrimalScream31PrimalScream31 Posts: 3,544 mod
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I just made a Fantasy football league for the boards. The draft isn't until Aug 29th at 7pm. The time and date can be changed so we can get everyone on at the same time for the live draft so don't start bitching about that.

The rules can also be tweaked as well. I did custom scoring so that all aspects of the game can get points. We can debate and change that up some too.

There are 12 teams in the league right now but that can also be changed depending on how many of us want to play.

All the info to join is here:

Some said the link didn't work for them so just PM me your Email address and I will send you an Invite through

League Name : Mayhem
League Info
League Manager:Ricky
League ID: 67073
Password: Sack5
Draft Type: Live Aug 29, 2010 7:00pm EDT

League Settings

Playoffs Weeks 15 & 16 - 4 teams

Max Adds per Season No Maximum
Max Adds per Week No Maximum
Max Trades per Season No Maximum
Trade Review Type League Votes (by team owners)
Trade Reject Time 2 days
Trade Deadline November 26, 2010
Waiver Period 2 days
Waiver Type Resets Every Tuesday to Inverse Order of Standings
Post Draft Players Follow Waiver Rules

Positions & Roster Size
Running Back:2
Wide Receiver:2
Tight End:1
Wide Receiver / Running Back:1
Defensive Team:1

Scoring Settings
Passing Completions:0.5 points
Passing Yards:1 point per 25 yards
Passing Touchdowns:6 points
Interceptions Thrown:-2 points
Every Time Sacked:-1 point
300-399 Passing Yards Bonus:2 points
400+ Passing Yards Bonus:4 points
40+ Passing Yard TD Bonus:2 points
50+ Passing Yards TD Bonus:4 points
Rushing Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Rushing Touchdowns:6 points
40+ Rushing Yard TD Bonus:1 point
50+ Rushing Yard TD Bonus:2 points
100-199 Rushing Yards Bonus:3 points
200+ Rushing Yards Bonus:5 points
Receptions:0.5 points
Receiving Yards:1 point per 10 yards
Receiving Touchdowns:6 points
40+ Receiving Yard TD Bonus:1 point
50+ Receiving Yard TD Bonus:2 points
100-199 Receiving Yards Bonus:3 points
200+ Receiving Yards Bonus:5 points
Kickoff and Punt Return Yards:1 point per 25 yards
Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns:6 points
Fumbles Lost:-2 points
2-Point Conversions:2 points

PAT Made:1 point
FG Made 0-19:3 points
FG Made 20-29:3 points
FG Made 30-39:3 points
FG Made 40-49:4 points
FG Made 50+:5 points

Defense / Special Teams
Sacks:1 point
Interceptions:2 points
Fumbles Recovered:2 points
Safeties:2 points
Touchdowns:6 points
Blocked Kicks:2 points
Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns:6 points
Points Allowed 0:10 points
Points Allowed 1-6:7 points
Points Allowed 7-13:4 points
Points Allowed 14-20:2 points
Points Allowed 21-27:1 point
Points Allowed 28-34:-1 point
Points Allowed 35+:-4 points
Less than 100 Total Yards Allowed:5 points
100-199 Yards Allowed:4 points
200-299 Yards Allowed:3 points
300-399 Yards Allowed:1 point
400-449 Yards Allowed:-1 point
450-499 Yards Allowed:-3 points
500+ Yards Allowed:-5 points

I'm going to Sticky this for a while.
photo mayhemsignature2013_zps1209e6fd.jpg I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound.
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