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Ape got to beat a motherfuckers ass at Mayhem during Hatebreed

Its_Meh_ChewIts_Meh_Chew Posts: 7,380 just the tip
edited July 2010 in Off Topic
he wanted me to post this lol
"some dude was drunk and kept pushing me so i moved him, i turned back around and they started pushing on me again. i told him he didn't want to fuck with me. He grabbed my shirt and ripped it. i turned around and pushed him back and said 'im done with you and turned back to the stage.
when i did, someone grabbed me and pulled me backwards, i fell on my ass. they started kneeing me and kicking me in the head. i got up and jon was in his face. i came up and nailed him right above the eye. as soon as i did , blood came pouring out and he hit the ground. i didn't see him anymore, security came in and they had to drag him out"

i really hope there is video of this


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