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Five Albums That Changed Your Life

drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
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A guy at metalsetlists posted this, and I really thought about it for a while. I'd like to see what some of you guys think. It can be a list, it can be explained, whatever you want.

1. Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast: I was getting into music when I was about 10, after a long time of not really finding anything compelling. I bought this album when I was 13 and I was looking for music that I found entertaining. I found it in some bargain store in Camden and I had always succumbed to the negative attention metal had, but decided to get it anyway. My mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw I bought it, but listening to it changed my life forever.

2. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs: I was talking to a friend of mine during this time of musical odyssey I was undergoing when I was about 13 or 14, and he asked me if I'd heard of Tom Waits. I said no, and the next thing I knew he had run to his car and gave me a copy of this album. I consider it one of the most important albums that allowed me to delve into music.

3. Slayer - Reign in Blood: Granted, now it might not be my favorite Slayer album, but this was the first album I was a bit guilty about buying. I was nervous to get into metal, but as much as I credit Iron Maiden for opening the door, I credit this album to kicking me in. I had never heard something so fast, so aggressive, so heavy, and it felt so awesome to me as a listener. Waits helped me get into music, Maiden helped me get into metal, but Slayer was what made me stay into it forever.

4. Carcass - Heartwork: This probably was the first album that I felt gripped me in the death metal genre. I heard this album, listened to it again, then again, then ran to my computer and listened to more. I asked people what other bands I should listen to, is there something even better than this? I credit this album with my current love for extreme metal.

5. Cormorant - Metazoa: I've been wondering whether this actually belongs here or not, I mean, it only came out like 9 months ago. I believe this belongs here for a few reasons. One, it is probably one of the best metal albums I have heard. Others disagree, but it will stand the test of time, and I will be listening to it in 2040. But more importantly, it assured me that there is serious talent in the underground. I was wading around in unknown bands every now and then hearing a good one and listening to it, but I mainly stuck with better known black, death and thrash bands. This album made me think "Jesus, there's all this amazing metal out there I haven't heard yet, I need to hear it all right now." This album is what perpetuated me into the metalhead I am now, the one that is ravenous to find that diamond in the rough, and find something truly special.
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  • OPPOPP Posts: 50,132 spicy boy
    1. Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar: Turned me into a true die hard Manson fan. I'm ashamed to say I've only been a fan since 2005, but still. Love em. The album itself is what I consider a masterpiece.

    2. Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile: The album that turned me from a NIN hater to a NIN fan, which is something I told myself I'd never become.

    3. As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security: Apparently, metal can come heavy AND have encouragement to boot. 'Losing Sight' remains one of my all time favorite songs.

    4. System of a Down - S/T: THIS one provided the most fun I've ever experienced. My friend and I would just kick it and chant the lyrics and laugh. It was also the first METAL album I've ever bought. To me, this is what I think of when people say "back in the day..." Good times. Very good times.

    And finally...

    5. Eiffel 65 - Europop: The first album I ever bought with my own money. At the time, I just wanted it for Blue, but I ended up loving every single song off of it. I listened to this bitch on my CD player for 3 years.
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  • Ezkaton2000Ezkaton2000 Posts: 440 salt miner
    1. Iron Maiden-Powerslave
    Easily one of the greatest albums I have ever owned or listened to. Aces High and Rime of The Ancient Mariner can not be topped. Pretty much got me into Iron Maiden as well.

    2.)AC/DC-Back In Black
    I played the hell out of the cassette back in the day. It is still a great album that holds up today.

    3.)Hurt-Vol. 1
    This album grabbed me and I have never looked back, Hurt is still my favorite band and this album proves why. Proves that non-metal bands of today can still create original and emotional music.

    4.)Mastodon-Crack The Skye
    I have played the hell out of this album and it made me appreciate and enjoy Mastodon even more then I already did.

    5.)Behemoth-The Apostasy
    Not my favorite Behemoth album but the first one I owned. I was introduced to Behemoth a few years before Ozzfest 07 and enjoyed them but they never really grabbed me. After seeing them live I became a fan for life. I picked the album up at Ozzfest and got to meet the band, which was an awesome experience. Later that year when they came to town again I talked to Nergal again at the merch stand and he remembered me from Ozzfest and remembered what he had signed on the album. That was a great moment.
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    "I talked to Nergal again at the merch stand and he remembered me from Ozzfest and remembered what he had signed on the album. That was a great moment."

    That's really freakin cool
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  • cannibiscorpsecannibiscorpse Posts: 5,577 salt miner
    1.) The Black Dahlia Murder- Unhallowed
    This is truly the album that got me into the underground scene and while its not my favorite album from them it is what opened my horizons and made me open up to things like screams and growls.

    2.) Red Hot Chili Peppers-Californication
    First album I really appreciated and delved my mind into and sat down and just listened to for hours on end. They got me into music.

    3.) Iron Maiden-Fear Of The Dark
    This is the album that i listened to when i was a little kid listening to the mainstream and "cool" stuff. I wasn't exposed to metal at all until i heard the live recording of Fear of the Dark in Rio and i was blown away and there on began listening to metal.

    4.) Slayer-Seasons In The Abyss
    The first time i listened to this I was like wtf? It sounded so evil and unnatural to me and thought it was completely like different. It scared the shit out of me when i heard dead skin mask and i was fixated on listening to the title track. My mom was basically freaked out when she found out i listened to them.

    5.) Morbid Angel-Domination
    This album is not my favorite death metal album but it was the first true death metal i had heard (which is my favorite genre) and i was freaked the fuck out by it. i had no idea that a persons voice could sound like a fucking demon. when i heard Hatework and heard that intro i knew i was getting ready for something absolutely awesome and it is now one of my favorite songs.
  • Ezkaton2000Ezkaton2000 Posts: 440 salt miner
    "That's really freakin cool"

    It was. Its nice when bands take the time to get to know their fans.
  • JLRedWing13JLRedWing13 Posts: 48,662 mod
    Oh my......this is hard.
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  • StratophonyStratophony Posts: 9,212 just the tip
    strictly metal albums:

    1. Rata Blanca - "Magos Espadas y Rosas"
    - This was the very first metal album i listened to. I was 13 i think; and i wasn't that much into music. I listened to like the Ramones, Sublime and Misfits. Super famous bands i guess.... but this album really blew me away because (back then) I thought it was the most technical shit ever fucking created. The solos sounded amazing, so did the drums, and the singing especially (it really was). It was the album that showed me the potential metal really had. (This band is basically an Argentine Iron Maiden)

    2. Stratovarius - "Visions"
    - I heard these guys by fucking chance in some "Rock Hard" magazine cd sample a friend had. "Rock Hard" is a mag from Spain. I think the sampler had Black Diamond and "Will the Sun Rise?". I had to get the album Black Diamond was on, and after giving it a few listens i knew metal was for me. That touch of classical music they added to metal was earsex to me. After this; i listened to mostly Power Metal. (I hated harsh vocals at this point... around 2002-3)

    3. Wintersun - "Wintersun"
    - it was summer of 2004, and i was in Barcelona visiting Family and a cousin of mine had 2 "Monsters of Metal" DVD's (which is nothing but a compilation of metal videos of up-and-coming bands/albums). when they moved back home, he had bought # 3 of the series and it had "Beyond a dark Sun" and pfft. Well, up to this point i still couldn't stand harsh vocals; but i let it slide with this band because the music was just, at this point, the best i had ever heard in my life. I could still be stuck on Power metal and still not like a good 75% of the bands i like if it wasnt for this album.

    4. Covenant - "In the Light of Darkness"
    - This was after wintersun; i liked more and more harsh vocal stuff; got into thrash too. But Black metal just sounded like nails on a blackboard to me. Even to this day; i HATE blast beats. I mean, they're ok in moderation and at appropriate times; but that's rarely the case in black metal. I had this band's song "Monarch of the Mighty Darkness" for a long time before i ever even knew they existed; but i had downloaded it from Limewire and it was mislabeled as a Mortiis song. The song is just amazing; the feel, the atmosphere it sent through the speakers was something i'd never heard before. because of this album i learned to appreciate the real essence of black metal; not the gimmicky corpse paint/satanic bullshit.

    5. Empyrium - "... A Wintersunset"
    - I dont remember how i came across these guys; but it was before Covenant (covenant just had a bigger impact). Anyway, this album pretty much broke all the molds (that i had created, concerning metal albums). It was epic, it was natural, it was beautiful music. The album itself dabbled in Black metal; but not enough to turn me off from it. I think this was the first metal album that i can consider listening to that was "PERFECT". I have always been a huge fan of synths; and this album reeks of that. They use them perfectly to tell a story; i bet if you only played the keyboard parts... the album would to tell the same story. They are ridiculously underrated; and are the epitome of Epic. I'm also convinced that they were a huge influenced to Jari Maenpaa; not because of the album name but because you can hear some Wintersun synths on this album.
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    "Oh my......this is hard."

    I think it's tough, but I think this is much easier than choosing a favorite song or band. These are just 5 that changed your life.

    I shouldn't be surprised I've only heard three of your five Strat.
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  • StratophonyStratophony Posts: 9,212 just the tip
    Rata Blanca... well, understandable

    Empyrium is the other im assuming... get on that shit
  • sbs_willsbs_will Posts: 18,648 salt miner
    well for starters,

    The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 68,745 spicy boy
    you from europe or something strat
  • StratophonyStratophony Posts: 9,212 just the tip
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    "Rata Blanca... well, understandable

    Empyrium is the other im assuming... get on that shit"

    Well done. I'll listen to 'em tomorrow.

    "well for starters,

    The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails"

    C'mon man, think about it.
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  • EpisodeEpisode Posts: 32,049 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Number one isn't an album, just a song, but every bit as important as an entire album to me.

    #1: Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
    The song that got me into Metal and turned me into who I am today. 'Nuff said.

    #2: Behemoth - The Apostasy
    My personal favorite album and band of all time.

    #3: Dethklok - The Dethalbum
    Even though I don't listen to them much anymore, this was officially my first Metal album EVER. And I still know all the songs by heart lol.

    #4: Cynic - Traced In Air
    An absolute masterpiece by all means. It's the one time where Music TRULY took me to another place, it was like being on some kind of drug. It was just so beautiful and I still listen to it like crazy. The first time I listened to the album is the one at home Music experience, where I think about it and go "Damn, I wish I could re-experience it for the first time all over again.".

    Can't think of a fifth right now.
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    "it was like being on some kind of drug"

    Just wait until you try it...on drugs...

    Best shit this side of the Mississipi.
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  • EpisodeEpisode Posts: 32,049 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Well that won't happen for me., I guess.
  • Rex_Capone420Rex_Capone420 Posts: 68,745 spicy boy
  • drinkwine732drinkwine732 Posts: 20,418 destroyer of motherfuckers
    Come find me when you're in college and they've invented Super THC. Then you'll listen to Traced in Air and your life will be changed.
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  • katiakatia Posts: 4,358 just the tip
    1. Sum 41 - Does this look infected?
    Seriously this got me into metal and I was 10 when I got this album. Too brutal for me lol, but somehow it made loud music more tolerable to my ears.

    2. A.F.I. - Sing the Sorrow
    I loved the lyrics, got me into deep stuff and expanded my brain =D. I was also 10 when I got this album.

    3. Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper
    My first metal album ever.

    4. In Flames - Come Clarity
    Like someone said it took me someplace else, and felt something in my heart, like if I was in love.

    5. idk
  • MyosesMyoses Posts: 1,244 juggalo
    1.Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
    First time I heard it made me a instant Ozzy fan

    2.Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
    My all time favorite Maiden album

    3.Exodus - Tempo of the Damned
    My Favorite Thrash metal band instead of getting worse like Metallica they have kept making good albums.

    4.Metallica - ...And Justice for All
    My favorite Metallica album that brought me into thrash metal

    5. Slipknot - S/T
    This album brought me into listening to Metal.
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