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Forum Information Thread

ShaneShane Posts: 15,229 balls deep
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This is a simple thread detailing the features this forum has. if we get more stuff i will add it

1. E-mail. clicking on inbox at the top will bring to your (gasp) inbox. you can click new conversation and as you type it will bring up different forum members names. then simply type your message and send.

2. Search button - little different than the old forum. when you search something it will not only pull up threads but comments with whatever you searched

3. Bookmarks - clicking the stars on the side of a thread will bring up a menu bar on the right side of the forum with all your bookmarked threads.

4. Twitter feature - clicking activity at the top will bring to the twitter feature where you can see and comment on what has been going on on the forum. to post a message yourself simply click on your own name at the top making sure the menu is on activity, then type your message and click share. what you shared will now be in the activity bar at the top

5 Drafts - if you take too long typing a post the board will automatically save what you have typed into the drafts folder. you can find your drafts folder by mousing over the discussions bar at the top

6. Embedded Video - this forum supports this kind of html. you can find the html on the sidebar on most ( if not all) youtube video's. you can also simply paste the URL to the youtube video and the forum will change it into an embedded video automatically.

7. URL for phones/ipods -

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